1. Namaskar, I was in a no- word arrest ( aggravate kidnapping) in Victoria, Tx in May, this year. No one in the neighborhood came as I scream for Help. I was exercising my second amendment right. I was unjustly jailed ( Detained) for 28 days and faced Death several times. The Police charged me on 4 charges: Aggravate Assault on 3 Officers with a deadly but unloaded pistol. Resist, unlawful carry,… These police officers got protection from all their superiors, the whole city of Victoria. Only when the Good people of Victoria wakes up and learns the Truth, that Justice can be restored. That is why I am unable to seek Justice.
    I am still under their court orders to wait for their indictment of false felonies charges. My story on facebook' s group is not open for public view due to my pending court orders. BnK

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