Keith Scott Shooting. Eye Witness vs 3 Videos Comparison.


** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

The Video With actual footage is a comparison between the eye witness statement and the 3 videos from the account of the killing of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, NC on Sept. 20th. This statement directly contradicts the CMPD’s “official statement”

This video has no intent to take position or against any group, or race, or social status.

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34 thoughts on “Keith Scott Shooting. Eye Witness vs 3 Videos Comparison.

  1. Her mother must be so proud of her eye witness testimony, she must be another Black Lives Matter protester to defund the Police so the public will be safe again. (I'm trying to be sarcastic people)

  2. What a racist bitch. The officers should sue her. He got out with a book 🤣 I’m sure he was on his way to his college class. POS got what he deserved. She should get her teeth knocked out so she can’t tell anymore lies.

  3. In her mind he was holding a bible and about to start a prayer meeting to bring the community together. Too bad the video proves her full of $hit.

  4. Very creative lady. I'd love to know how he got out of his truck with his hands up and a book still on his lap, I'm sure she has an explanation.

  5. You may conclude that eye witnesses will make mistakes in their accounts of what happened. In this case this BITCH knew his hands were NOT up when he left the vehicle She was inciting violence when making that false statement. She should be subpoenaed to a court of law and tried.

  6. That's why eye witness accounts are bullshit in a lot of cases. They see what the want to see and fill in the blanks of what the actually didn't see from assumptions. This chic should be locked up for in-sighting panic and violence with her lies.

  7. so…the friend mike brown was walking down the middle of the road with, who gave such a damning account of a fictional murder, … had a sex change and is now telling the tale of another fictional murder? and the looters…er…protesters wonder why we don't care if they're mad a criminal died…lying mother fuckers burned their credibility along time ago.

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