Is Police Brutality A Disease? The Hands Up Act

I came across a link to this petition from Marlon Webb’s IG account this morning. I take a dive into the petition and discuss its merits or lack thereof.

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45 thoughts on “Is Police Brutality A Disease? The Hands Up Act

  1. @MikeTheCop you need too google Gary Webb, from him you will learn that the CIA flooded drugs and guns into African American communities in Los Angles spreading into other states in America

  2. Have cops killed innocent people? Yes. Are all of them held to the same standards as citizens? No. Are they all held accountable ? No

  3. I just signed the petition, so we can punish other cops like Amber Guyger, who shot a man to death in his own home while he was watching tv and eating icecream. Also the cop who nearly killed a black woman by firing into her home shortly after the Amber Guyger terrorist attack.

    I'm so happy for this petition.
    Police brutality has been an issue in this country for decades, hence why we had organizations like the black Panthers to police the police and fight against police terrorism of POC.

  4. Meanwhile Amber Guyger got convicted of murder. 😂😂😂 about time one of your kind caught a charge. So sad an innocent man chilling and eating ice cream in his apartment had to get murdered by one of your kind but yesterday a jury finally did the right thing and held one of your kind accountable. Good thing considering literally the same day another unrelated officer somehow got to retain his job and not register as a sex offender after admitting to receiving oral sex from a 14 year old. Whatever. Can't catch you all. But eventually more of your kind will have to answer for their crimes. You and your brotherhood are a disease.

  5. Thanks for the great video mike. I’m tired of people making things up or making crazy generalizations to simply further their political opinions. Too many people don’t want to look at the whole picture they just want to look at part of the picture that fits with their agenda

  6. I want to be cop, they say I need a college degree, does it have to be a criminal justice degree of can it be something else

  7. Mike the Cop. Answer me

    Yeah, because cops go out of their way to twist the truth to make them look better. So many laws, we break them every single day. Making someone look guilty is easy. Especially for a unionized organization represented by lawyers in a position to sway facts in such a way that most citizens have no way to stand up against. Unless the cops are completely and blatantly caught violating citizens rights they are covered and let off easy.

  8. What kind of Education System gives out degrees to people like that. Sure it's only a MA but still. How did this guy even graduate High-School. (Nothing to say of his Left wing fascist tendencies.)

  9. Getting a degree in higher education meaning he wants to teach/work for a college and can't write coherent sentences consistently. And, people still question why kids are leaving college verifiably dumber than when the entered elementary school. SMH!

  10. Most people shot by the Police, deserve it. If Cops were cold blooded killers and want to murder innocent people, they would become abortion doctors.

  11. Couldn't finish this… what if we made a solid rule that you must attempt to tase the suspect. What the FUCK is wrong with tasing them instead of emptying your clips?

  12. Hey Mike the Cop, want to share something with you. I was watching a video from another YouTuber during which she described how her now-deceased brother was shot 13 times by police in New Orleans. She mentioned that he was "unarmed". I so wanted to comment and say "unarmed does not mean not dangerous". I didn't because this particular video was about the fact that she hadn't been on YouTube in a while due to some personal tragedies in her life. And I didn't want to spit on her brother's grave. Do you happen to know any details about a man being shot by the police 13 times in NOLA? I don't know whether the shooting was justified or not, and I thought you might have some insight. Thanks!

  13. It is beyond ludicrous that we are now making LAWS based upon lies, and KNOWN lies, at that. No one has EVER been shot by the police when they had their hands up and were following the instructions of the police. NEVER. Sure, there may be an accidental discharge once or twice in a DECADE, but the overwhelming majority of people who are shot by police are shot because they were themselves shooting at the police, or were trying to attack a police man.

    BLM…. STOP THE LYING When you start acting like civilised people, only then can you expect to be treated like civilised people.

  14. Police brutality stems from the inward rage a cop feels towards himself, fighting the constant urge to go fully gay – instead of just dabbling around at the station!

  15. And this guy is getting a masters in secondary education? He can't use proper grammar, can't research statistics (obviously), and perpetuates divisive, fiction, but they still give him a masters degree?
    Someone needs to sue that school, because allowing someone so obviously inept and ignorant, to have a degree like that, in a field where they can influence children, is criminal.

  16. Ugh. I think 90% of the problems we have today are a direct result of the media becoming biased and giving opinion rather than fact (looking at you Fox, MSNBC etc). So many false and misleading narratives cause things like this.

  17. No police brutality is no9t a disease, but Ignorance is. Ignorance is so severe that it is heavily punished by evolution. The sentence universally imposed by failure in evolution is death.

  18. What the anti-police crowd fails to realize is that teaching every non-white person to be terrified of the police makes police interactions worse, not better.

  19. The standard for cops in self defense shootings, is the same as the standard for any American. If you are reasonably in fear for your life, you can use deadly force to defend yourself or others.
    Zimmerman and Castille show this. Both shooters were stupid in almost every step up to the shootings, but in the moment, both were reasonably in fear for their lives.

  20. There is almost always a weapon found after a police shooting. The police carry back up weapons just so they can throw it down and say he tried to attack me. I was scared for my life.

    Remember the police moto is lie, cheat. Steal, or kill which ever allows you to benefit yourself, the city, and off the department.

  21. It's a mixture of a power trip, and any aggression the officers have going on in there personal life. And if they had a bad childhood, that can be an impact. It's simple don't hire just anyone to be a police officer. Not everyone is in that line of duty is to protect and serve.

  22. Just to make it clear I don't dislike cops and I will support them when they are in the right. They do an important job but they do infringe on my freedoms.

  23. I am on the fence about law enforcement due to citizens rights being infringed on due to the officer safety argument or the we have a modern police force to protect you even though the supreme court has ruled many times that is not their job and we are responsible for our own safety, yet we are not allowed to arm ourselves ( not just guns )for our protection or that of others without a nearly impossible to obtain permit or if you happen to be at home. Granted the world is not as dangerous as the right or left would have you believe or the streets would be full of dead and injured people on a daily basis. but things happen faster than our supposed protectors can respond. example my wife was threatened by a machete wielding crazy homeless lady, it took 12 mins for the operator to answer the phone. if she was not near a door in which to duck in and lock behind her 12 mins would have been a lot of ducking while waiting for an answer and then wait longer for the response which in my area is typically 20 minutes or more.

  24. The last cop to be murdered in 2017 was killed by an unarmed person. Look at trooper Coates in SC. Tackled by three unarmed men who took his gun and killed him. The “unarmed people are harmless” idiots are a plague. I’ve asked “if you were armed and I was on top of you beating your face in, would you shoot me?” and no one has answered it.

  25. Like no one has ever killed someone with their bare hands before. Plus, what's considered a weapon? In the right hands anything can be a weapon. For example, you could strangle someone with your belt.

  26. The problem with this act is that there are shitbags that would run up and steal the gun from the body just so the cop goes to jail.

    This kid it's not living in reality and/or does not understand how his idea would play out.

  27. You arrogantly speak of cognitive dissonance yet you're willfully doing just that. His sentence may be incorrect but you get his meaning. You know as well as I do that that young black males who are unarmed are killed very often by police officers in this country. Yeah, the whole hands up thing was based on incorrect info. But the point that he's trying to make is pretty clear for those with common sense. There is a problem in this country. And cops lije you who pretend lije there's no problem at all just make things thatt much worse. Don't be so dismissive and condescending. Screw the typos and structural errors of his sentence. Talk about the real issue you coward. You're true colors are starting to show

  28. we need far more intensive psych exams for cops. not just on application, but yearly. I have seen that police brutality is simply a side effect of people with mental/emotional issues who pursue a police job. usually to gain a feeling of power, whereas they have been powerless in life on some other issue. social unpopularity and a lack of success with relationships play a large role. most of the violent/criminal cops were already like that before the academy. some hide it well from a lifetime of practice. we need to weed them out with continuous mental health exams. cops can kill at will with little recourse (if they alter facts etc) so the public deserves to know every cop has been tested thoroughly prior to hire, and re-tested yearly. otherwise, the gov is handing out guns and license to kill, beat, falsely charge anyone to unstable people with serious mental/emotional problems. and thats just crazy, and far from acceptable.

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