25 thoughts on “I Edited Videos to Alter Your Perception of The Truth

  1. I just heard from Tom Zebra, that you were the one that started , "1st amendment audits " bravo !
    The way you approach your work and the level of intelligence you display is unmatched among News media organisation's .
    Its annoying to watch how our police and sherrifs treat you .
    Your demeanor is excellent and extremely high class, and again your always the one who rises above the obfuscation as the ill tempered officers try and double talk their way around ,straining to come out on top of the conversation , only to fall short of their mark as you manhandle their machismo while verbally and silently tapping them out. Oh how obvious it is how they pale in comparison when it comes down to just how tight your game is,, and they've been trained in this I'll gotten game no less . But really nary do they succeed in trumping you, because it really is your world their playing In . I love it Katman !

  2. I grew up with a compulsive liar as a best friend as a child. He would just make things up for practically no reason whatsoever. Things to make people feel pity for him, to make himself seem cooler.

    It's an honest mental disorder, where people lie so much they themselves start to believe their own lies. Anyone can fall victim to it, it's not like something has to be physically wrong with you.

    Police are trained to be compulsive liars. Not only are they advised to do so, once their human instincts kick in and feed off of the authority, they want to do it. Then, they start to lie without even knowing that they're telling lies. Not only do people listen to what police say, their word carries more weight than any other person. Fabricating police reports, cop's word verses the citizen's word. All lies, without the knowledge of the liar.

  3. I've been watching your viedios for a couple years now. I will now subscribe. I was raised by a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff in the 70's and 80's to 1986. I can only imagine all the wrong he did out working patrol. He always thought he was a tough guy. My whole life I wanted to be a cop (A GOOD COP) because of all the bad shit I knew he did and heard. Keep up the great work my fiend! I will now subscribe.

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