Government shutdown: What happens to the NLRB?

It is looking increasingly likely that Congressional Republicans will bring the federal government to a shutdown starting this weekend. “U.S. government services would be disrupted and hundreds of thousands of federal workers would be furloughed without pay if Congress fails to provide funding for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1,” Reuters reports. “Workers deemed essential would remain on the job, but without pay.” Among the many agencies that will be furloughing workers in the event of a shutdown is the National Labor Relations Board. Not only will unionized staff workers at the NLRB itself be hurt by the government shutdown—after years of enduring chronic and politically motivated underfunding and understaffing—but so, too, will working people around the country who depend on the NLRB to enforce labor law, investigate Unfair Labor Practice charges, manage union elections, etc. In this urgent mini-cast, we talk with Michael Bilik and Colton Puckett, legislative co-chairs of the National Labor Relations Board Union and full-time NLRB staff workers, about the daily work NLRB staff do, the role that work plays in the broader labor movement, and what it will mean for workers if the government shuts down and nearly all of NLRB staff are furloughed.

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21 thoughts on “Government shutdown: What happens to the NLRB?

  1. There's something that makes my skin crawl when a "Michigan Man" (UM Alumnus) is constantly using the contraction "y'all"…what an amazing center of educational excellence…

  2. Real New Network is double speak for News based on a specific agenda. You might agree you might not, but you are NOT getting news. You are getting the information projected and cultivated in a way to project their agenda. Just be aware.

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  4. So let’s get this right with a shutdown U.S workers won’t get paid but you can be assured that Biden will get Ukraine their war checks, because in his words we will win this war st all cost.

  5. I wonder if this government shutdown is actually a calculated move by the donors the republicans serve to crush the labor movement by shutting down their NLRB support.

  6. No government employee should work if they’re not being paid. Fuck the law and fuck the law makers if they fuck around let them find out. Great opportunity for a general strike, if ever there was a moment.

  7. When you hear some idiot say “like, you know” in every sentence they speak, it’s like, ya know an uneducated person. This is truly tragic, like ya know 🙄do you like, understand, ya know? No wonder labor is woefully like ya know getting their ass beat, ya know 🙄

  8. I’ve heard lawyers with room temp IQs speak before, but never in such important positions. Daddy gets them the job? Sad. No wonder the status of labor in the USA is so bad! Damn, it’s worse than I thought it could possibly be. These lawyers are really poor, no wonder we have serious issues. Shocking. 😳

  9. I’m shocked at how inarticulate these lawyers are. There must be some sort of nepotism which positions them. Sad. Corruption in American corporations is so prolific and these guys must have a hand in why it is so. Sad, very sad.

  10. Somehow, I am always a day late to hear this conversation. This is not good, I have to hear the Real News Network on time. Thanks !!!!
    We have to do better. Challenges are a must . All workers are people and not corporations that are corrupt with politicians with their pockets for money handed out on sides now. GREED IS THE PROBLEM.

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