What JFK tried to do before his assassination w/Jeffrey Sachs | The Chris Hedges Report

We will never know the world that could have been had President John F. Kennedy’s assassination never taken place, but an inkling of how things could have been different can be found in the final months of his life. In his new book, To Move the World: JFK’s Quest for Peace, Jeffrey Sachs unearths JFK’s final political campaign—to establish a secure and lasting peace with the Soviet Union. How far did JFK’s efforts go? What sort of progress was made on ending the Cold War, not through the collapse of the Soviet Union, but rather through mutual cooperation and understanding? To answer these questions and more, Jeffrey Sachs joins The Chris Hedges Report.

Jeffrey D. Sachs serves as the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, where he holds the rank of University Professor, the university’s highest academic rank. Sachs was Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University from 2002 to 2016.

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39 thoughts on “What JFK tried to do before his assassination w/Jeffrey Sachs | The Chris Hedges Report

  1. 50:00 This is not entirely accurate as there was limited news coverage about the removal of US intermediate range missiles from Turkey, about 1.5 years after the removal of Russian missiles from Cuba. It was evident at the time that the two actions were part of a deal between Pres Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushev, despite denials by the Kennedy – Johnson administration.
    Pres JFK probably had to classify the agreement with Khrushev as a state secret so that the CIA, State Dept. and military would not be able to crucify him in the press.
    The "Get Trump" programs by the national security mafia and its DOJ / FBI is a repeat of their opposition to JFK. Trump drew down Afghanistan and prevented war with Russia, Iran, N. Korea.

  2. So, so, very wrong. Jesus has always been a pudding cup. Accept Him and receive Heaven, or the Kingdom of God on earth upon His return, whichever you are going with. Accept Me in order to get the good stuff and none of the bad at death. Jesus the Pudding Cup. Actually, the current Christian Nationalism version is more honest and practical than the original.

  3. Wow. I sort of knew some of this, but this pulls together everything I feared. The American deep state is evil and when you hear the rest of the world complain about it, we are told they are evil by the media that is controlled by the "deep state".

    Sad. I am not sure what the answer is.

  4. ahhhh nothing to see here, no deep state, no shadow government and S. Vietnam President Diem is still alive. The CIA though they could manipulate JFK. Speaking of Presidents, who is running the White House? WhiIe I am at it, is Zelensky really running Ukraine?

  5. "THE US DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE" So-o-o true. Please have WHOLE VID re this. US history shows bog-stupid inability to understand anyone else's POV E.g. Vietnam – took 30 years for McNamara to understand Vietnamese didn't care re Communism, just wanted to get US bloody foreigners out. Ditto stupidity of "Hussein's Iraq will welcome Yank liberators with open arms" (and IED's). And Blinken "I just dont understand how they (Hamas) do this". Right. So you're fired shmuck. It's your JOB to understand the enemy – you can call on armies of psychologists. But it's ok in the US gvt not to understand foreigners. And yet the US has loads of private corps. that are brilliant at communication and understanding, and selling total shit to anyone. Insane. There's a whole book in this

  6. Great Interview, Thank You !!! I am amazed how our Government Lies to us to keep the Big Bucks flowing to The Weapons Manufactures to keep them Rich. Always follow the money!

  7. One thing is for sure. US is trying so hard to make our lives miserable and at the end they will put an end to human civilization. WW3 is now inevitable. Those who will survive will be a total scum, waiting in their luxury underground shelters, same ones that plan that for a long time. At the end they will destroy themselves.

  8. Highly informative, and a pleasure to listen to. I always wonder why Sachs was such a neoliberal dickhead in past. Does anybody know the story of his changing to the critical position he holds today?

  9. It may once have been that the path of war was more dramatic, but after Kennedy's assassination and the domination of the war machine, that path has become the status quo, which even a senile moron can not bring drama to. Now there can be no question—it is the path of negotiation and peace that takes tremendous courage and self-abandonment to pursue. We need a statesman twice as large and fearless as Kennedy. We have two contenders here in this exquisite interview.

  10. Ahora resulta que Kennedy fue un beato! ay no, esa leyenda infantil simplemente no muere. Mientras destruía Vietnam y estuvo a punto de aniquilar el planeta entero por su incompetencia y su consanguínea arrogancia norteamericana en la crisis de los misiles… Ah! Pero hizo un discurso muy bonito!!! Háganme el favor! qué vergüenza, de verdad

  11. He says the cia lies. How about when the Russians lied to United Nations about having missiles in Cuba in front of the world . He also takes a naive point that the military and cia are not democratic. He does not understand they won the Cold War. And naive presidents like Kennedy if he had not fumbled on bay of pigs by agreeing to let the soldiers land to begin with he would not have to deal with air cover. In other words once you agree for land invasion you are obligated to proceed with air cover . A sign of a young inexperienced. President . That made the Russians. The debacle of bay of pigs by Kennedy to put those missiles in Cuba. In other words Kennedy created this mess. It does not matter what they told him about the success of bay of pigs

  12. Adlai Stevenson was the understated hero in the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Kennedy was wise to incorporate his sound counsel over the brash recommendarions of the Joint Chiefs and the CIA. The experiemce tempered JFKs perspective and strengthened his resolve to pursue peace and survival. Thank you for presenting this insightful interview. American schools would do well to include it as component of its historicsl curricula.

  13. Revealing how incredibly corrupt the CIA was. And how quickly our leaders would make excuses when something like a U2 plane goes down. BUt it fed perfectly into the frame of Oswald as a Russian/ slash pro-Cuban instigator. He would make the perfect patsy years later.

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