Cops tried to give him a petty ticket, then things turned ugly | PAR

After the death of his father, Andru Kulas just wanted to spend a night out with his friends. Things took a turn when a group of men suddenly approached his friend and pushed her to the ground. The attackers fled, and Andru and his friends climbed the roof of a nearby restaurant to search for them, prompting a local security guard to call the police. When police arrived on the scene, they accosted Andrew as he was eating a burrito, and then proceeded to pepper spray and arrest him. Police Accountability Report investigates.

Production: Taya Graham, Stephen Janis
Post-Production: Stephen Janis, Adam Coley

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38 thoughts on “Cops tried to give him a petty ticket, then things turned ugly | PAR

  1. I'm with you on the narcan issue, how many times have cops came on the scene of an overdose, and not used narcan to save the overdose victim, no one knows but the cops 😢😢😢 probably 10, 000 or more,, again Phuckin sad 😢😢😢😢

  2. I was hit by a drunk driver nearly 30yrs ago. 20+back surgeries & decades of opioids later, i can tell you, I have felt like a yo-yo btwn big-pharma, my Drs and the Govt.
    I don't trust my Dr anymore and have felt more like an agenda than a person or even a patient for at least 2 years. Not like it was GREAT prior to that but it wasn't as impersonal and difficult to actually need heavy pain meds

  3. Comment I don't know if I'm doing it right or whatever Cape Cod Massachusetts I have a son that has a disability in God's country keep bothering cuz you look down the street anybody in my area that I could talk to because I think he's been mistreated I don't know how to explain it I just think these homeboy here in this little small country town they could just bounce anybody around which is wrong you should do it to me when I was younger I like to put them in check have you got to tell me how to setup my own damn thing I stopped watching them

  4. I would rather have the ED-209s from Robo-cop patrolling the streets than these ridiculous absolutely ridiculous officers.
    No wonder they used to make programmes like CSI and Blue Bloods just to take the piss out of the USA police force. Ridiculous.

  5. as soon as that cop put his hands on that man he had right to self defense.. unfortunately cops are privileged gangsters. if you want that respect around other men you need to earn it. obviously cops are not men most are just cowards. GOD BLESS THE FEW WHO ARE ACTUAL MEN

  6. The only difference between you and the pastor is that the pastor don't make the comment or anyting you can spare other than that are you content creators do is beg for money

  7. Tax money for petty offense while criminals run around free. Bolshevik strategy. The woman who was assaulted should have gone to police and filed a report.

    The posture and facial expression of that cop who used force already speaks for ego and aggression…just waiting for opportunity to push the victim down. I wish they would do better psychological screenings of who they hire.

  8. 4 minutes into the video and I can already tell Andru and his friends instigated the entire thing. I doubt the "attackers" ever existed and the only one who got "pushed" were the officers trying to do their job.

  9. Disgusting!!! They keep awarding horrible policing with metals and accommodation 😢 this was assult on Andrew and if that cop was a civilian hed be injail!!!!😮😢

  10. Stop blame the police 👮‍♀️ for everything. Soon we will not have police 👮‍♀️ in duty, just criminals. I hope you will not get help when you call them.😡

  11. In Dallas tx we have police using undercover cars deliberately creating "driving situations" to "draw out bad drivers" because its "well known that marked police units scare otherwise bad drivers to drive correctly" and I am far from perfect i have a 6 page driving record 3 ofth those are all speeding as i like to be ahead of these idiots , but these people with their STATE GIVEN right to KILL ME are INSANE behind the wheel invading my privacy ONSTANTLY….I KNOW everytime i get into my lexus THERE WILL BE A TEAM OF CARS ready; goading me every block simply to try and illicit my (as anyone's would be) negative response. I can't prove it because I don't have money to wire the car for the extreme and HIDDEN surveillance I'd need. to GATHER clear, justifiable and IRON CLAD EVIDENCE…i know i know- how am inso sure its law enforcement? Extreme, organize and most importantly when i pull a camera THEY CANT GET AWAY fast enoough. I am not perfect but this is ongoing for literally 5 or 6 years these guys can't get into regular cars push me around on the road then prosecute anyone under any kangaroo court because they're in unmarked cars plus targeting people like me literay destroying my life I'm in hell and really dont know what to do….2800 pounds of metal with a gasoline engine in an angry man's hands whose being bullied by people who are sworn by law and allowed to do this legally is a very tough line to tote
    If you all can help me I will give you any info privately and I will hold back nothing you whether it reflecta good for me or bad on me please help

    Thank you

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