Drunk Driving the Rolls Royce, Part Two | The Breathalyzer

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — On June 14, 2020 at approximately 7:42 p.m., officers with the Orlando Police Department responded to the area of Main Lane at the intersection of South Lucerne Circle in reference to a vehicle accident.

When Officer Keith Hernandez approached Keith Ingersoll, the driver of the involved Rolls Royce, Hernandez noticed that Ingersoll’s speech was slurred and that he was staggering. The driver of the other involved vehicle, Michael Collazo, also believed Mr. Ingersoll to be intoxicated. Collazo advised that he had been driving down Orange Avenue when a white male driving a two-door Rolls Royce with the top down and in the left lane, merged into his lane and struck his truck. He then observed the driver of the Rolls Royce “flicking people off,” and “driving aggressively as he yell[ed] from his car.”

From the report of Officer Stephanie Rodriguez, lightly edited for clarity and brevity:

“I approached Mr. Ingersoll as he was standing on the sidewalk behind his Rolls Royce with his hand on his phone as he appeared to be videoing me. I advised him that had arrived on scene because the crash investigation was over, and I was doing a changing of the hats and was going to begin a DUI investigation. I read Mr. Ingersoll his constitutional rights from my agency-issued card. He stated he understood and agreed to speak with me. During my interaction with Mr. Ingersoll I detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his person. He also had dried saliva surrounding the rim of his mouth.

Based on the interaction I had with Mr. Ingersoll and the fact that he was involved in vehicle accident I asked Mr. Ingersoll if he would be willing to participate in field sobriety exercises in order to alleviate my concern for his abilities to safely operate a motor vehicle on a public roadway. He seemed eager to participate. Prior to starting the field sobriety exercises, asked Mr. Ingersoll a series of questions which he answered as followed:
He does not wear prescription glasses or contact but did advise that he has a “lazy” eye and “has nystagmus.”

[See part one for field sobriety test performance.]

Based on the investigation above probable cause existed to place Mr. Ingersoll under arrest for FSS 316.193(3)(c)(1); DUI with property damage. Ingersoll was searched incident to arrest by Officer Hernandez. I placed him into the back of my patrol vehicle and transported him to the Orange County DUI testing center per policy without incident.

Mr. Ingersoll complained that I had caused injury to his elbows during the drive. His elbows did not have any visible injuries.

Upon arriving at the DUI testing center he was observed by an Orange County DUI technician for approximately 20 minutes. I read him implied consent and he refused to provide two breath samples.”

This is DUI testing center footage.





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45 thoughts on “Drunk Driving the Rolls Royce, Part Two | The Breathalyzer

  1. My first recommendation is don't drink and drive!!!!! But if you do just sit there, say no, and say nothing else. Never admit to having anything to drink, and don't take the field sobriety tests. Just use your right to remain silent and let your attorney work it out from there.

  2. He can keep his leased Rolls Royce. I’ll stick to my owned Aston Martin and Porsche. And I would never brag about having such a demeaning and disgraceful occupation as being a piglet.

  3. His reaction to the cop holding out the blower is hilarious. “ dude what are you doing “ 😂😂😂😂

  4. This dude is actually right about her not knowing who wrote that shit and the 63yr old backing her up sayin oh its the script.. are u serious ? Thats exactly whats wrong with cops and he's right .. and if I was in his shoes and fucktup I too would've done anything to benefit me and he's totally right about refusing for what she said .. cops always lie and the old guy is so mad that he can't secure the dui that he's sticking that thing in his face and arguing with the girl about it… bru if your trying this hard to catch me drunk but sayn" oh I'm giving you an apportinity" with that tone of voice and everything and say its to help me ? Without trying to reason with me and act all passed.. then OBVIOUSLY I'm gonna call it what it is and say this dude is tryin to mindfuck me as if I'm a routine dumb person on a chair and I'm seeing past yall BS.and thats gonna work for me in court in the end even if that thing she read is true cause you didnt even made me understanf that its the law ( u said.a script) and its not gonna suspend no"1 year" for a refusal … gtfoh that shit don't even.make sense the more I think of it , ur telling me you can ask anyone.anytime for a breathalyzer and if u refuse u get suspended? That shit sounde sketchy asf! No wonder he's sticking that shit in his face

  5. T. S. Eliot wrote the first third. Ezekiel wrote the middle third. (Fake) Paul McCartney wrote The End. How these cops don’t know that is beyond me. Regardless, they’re screwed. Probably still in prison.

  6. When you're so twisted on drugs you don't even know how to STFU. These cops have to be saying to themselves, "Keep talking a**hole."

  7. Is this drunk, Keith Ingersoll, the same guy that is being investigated along with Matt Gaetz and Greenberg for being paid under a government contract and never producing any work?

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