Drunk Driving the Rolls Royce | Florida Real Estate Mogul Gets Arrested

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — On June 14, 2020 at approximately 7:42 p.m., officers with the Orlando Police Department responded to the area of Main Lane at the intersection of South Lucerne Circle in reference to a vehicle accident.

When Officer Keith Hernandez approached Keith Ingersoll, the driver of the involved Rolls Royce, Hernandez noticed that Ingersoll’s speech was slurred and that he was staggering. The driver of the other involved vehicle, Michael Collazo, also believed Mr. Ingersoll to be intoxicated. Collazo advised that he had been driving down Orange Avenue when a white male driving a two-door Rolls Royce with the top down and in the left lane, merged into his lane and struck his truck. He then observed the driver of the Rolls Royce “flicking people off,” and “driving aggressively as he yell[ed] from his car.”

From the report of Officer Stephanie Rodriguez, lightly edited for clarity and brevity:

“I approached Mr. Ingersoll as he was standing on the sidewalk behind his Rolls Royce with his hand on his phone as he appeared to be videoing me. I advised him that had arrived on scene because the crash investigation was over, and I was doing a changing of the hats and was going to begin a DUI investigation. I read Mr. Ingersoll his constitutional rights from my agency-issued card. He stated he understood and agreed to speak with me. During my interaction with Mr. Ingersoll I detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his person. He also had dried saliva surrounding the rim of his mouth.

Based on the interaction I had with Mr. Ingersoll and the fact that he was involved in vehicle accident I asked Mr. Ingersoll if he would be willing to participate in field sobriety exercises in order to alleviate my concern for his abilities to safely operate a motor vehicle on a public roadway. He seemed eager to participate. Prior to starting the field sobriety exercises, asked Mr. Ingersoll a series of questions which he answered as followed:
He does not wear prescription glasses or contact but did advise that he has a “lazy” eye and “has nystagmus.”

[See video for field sobriety test performance.]

Based on the investigation above probable cause existed to place Mr. Ingersoll under arrest for FSS 316.193(3)(c)(1); DUI with property damage. Ingersoll was searched incident to arrest by Officer Hernandez. I placed him into the back of my patrol vehicle and transported him to the Orange County DUI testing center per policy without incident. [Which I guess means “As he threatened me with arrest for a half hour.”]

Mr. Ingersoll complained that I had caused injury to his elbows during the drive. His elbows did not have any visible injuries.

Upon arriving at the DUI testing center he was observed by an Orange County DUI technician for approximately 20 minutes. I read him implied consent and he refused to provide two breath samples.”

More to come.





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23 thoughts on “Drunk Driving the Rolls Royce | Florida Real Estate Mogul Gets Arrested

  1. Florida Department of Law Enforcement records indicate that Keith Ingersoll was an auxiliary police officer with Belle Isle Police Department from 5/10/10 to 11/19/12. Auxiliary police officers in Florida have the authority to arrest and perform law enforcement functions while under the direct supervision of a full-time or part-time law enforcement officer.

    Ingersoll received 319 hours of training and passed the basic law enforcement recruit training program for auxiliary police officers, though it should be noted that Ingersoll only finished that training on March 30, 2012, having started on October 3, 2011… nearly 1.5 years after his start date with Belle Isle Police Department. I requested and paid for a copy of his personnel file earlier this week. When it shows up, it should at least point toward the answer.

    FDLE lists Ingersoll's reason for separation as "administrative separation (not involving misconduct)," but that doesn't mean much. As with his dates of service and training, I expect that Ingersoll's personnel file will be informative. [Update: It was 100% for misconduct.]

    Finally, it is unclear how Ingersoll was accepted for pretrial diversion, since a DUI collision appears to be categorically disqualifying. (Ingersoll was formally charged with 'DUI Property Damage or Personal Injury') I have inquired with the Office of the State Attorney, since they approved his application. You'll know when they get back to me.


    05/29/21 — Emailed SAO.
    05/30/21 — Weekend.
    05/31/21 — Holiday.
    06/01/21 — Nothing
    06/02/21 — Nothing
    06/03/21 — Still waiting to hear back from the SAO, which is bizarre. (For context, I am usually in contact with their office at least a few times a week.) Followed up with a phone call to Keisha Mulfort. We'll see what happens.
    06/03/21 — Guess whose personnel file just showed up.
    [Interim] — Wow. The misconduct runs deep. Early details at /r/realworldpolice.
    06/07/21 — The SAO is looking into the circumstances of Ingersoll's acceptance to pretrial diversion. Expect to hear more on this soon.
    06/13/21 — Silence from the State Attorney’s Office. Not a good look when you are being asked about what appear to be policy exceptions for the ultra-rich…

  2. People make such a huge deal out of these instead of just doing what they're told, taking the DUI and moving on. He'd go to jail for a few hours, get out, have a court date and move on. Not the end of the world at all but he decides to act like a moron and have it plastered on the internet.

  3. Officer Stephanie is so unthreatening, so on point, so small, and so absolutely brilliant. What a star. Mr. Big Shot got beat by a little girl.

    Officer Stephanie Rodriguez, if you're listening, I'm speaking on behalf of so many who saw your masterful handling of a difficult situation. You are an instinctive genius at what you do. Thank you and we hope to see more of you in the future.

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