47 thoughts on “Documenting organized crime, people steal their own property – Las Cruses New Mexico

  1. I love how the pig smiled ear to ear when he said it is the thin blue line flag and he didn't even read that it says the flag of tyranny. 😂😂😂😂

    I Kno this video is a yr old but it popped up in my recommended even tho I seen this video a long long time ago but decided to watch it again for a good laugh fucking pigs.

  2. Cops in Tampa when they lock someone and tow their car. Use peoples cars while in their posession as thow they own them often times if you get arrested and get out and go to get your vehicle back if the cops deside they like it and want to keep it they lie and say they slready auctioned it off even if they have not and if you have a high end car chances of ever seeing it again are slim to none couse some cop owns it now and driving atound using your plates
    Tell me how that makes them any less of a crimanal that those they lock up .

  3. Gainesville fl is so bad you all need to help us out. The cops do some pretty bad things here. It's horrible. My friend who is brain damage got thrown to the ground and bet up bad!

  4. My son showed me one of your video's and I laughed. He doesn't know that I follow you. So I showed him this one and he couldn't believe it. 😉 Thanks James for showing the Truths!!!

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