DeputyStars edition

All stops seen in this video were either in San Pedro or Lomita.

Next Deputystars will feature LENNOX

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Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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41 thoughts on “DeputyStars edition

  1. Shark, I must say, you are amazing. I dont know how you keep on keeping on with all these maniacs patrolling the streets, knowing how easy they can take a person out and keep on rolling. My heart jitters watching your work and I seen the impact you all have made. I Hope you and your squad have a electable holiday and blessed new year!!!

  2. Those piece of shit cops do not have the BALLS to pull me over, because I would FUCK them over legally 6 ways to Sunday. They do not know the law or the Constitution they swore to protect. All they know how to do is to VIOLATE peoples rights and rob them of money for revenue generation and to be ASSHOLE bully tyrants that force their feelings on everyone and over step their power and take advantage of people who do not know their rights, It gives them a HIGH exactly as if they are raping you because that is exactly what they are doing. Then they go home and beat their wife and kids and kick their dogs. Being a cop is no longer a reputable carrier, in fact it is a disgrace to be a cop now.

  3. OMG that was sooo Funny … The U.S. Army dose not have juris-my-Diction … Ohhhh Really then why is California Classified as a Territory under Military Occupation … Why Dose Liber Code and FM2710 Apply to any so called COP who is a Privet Military Contractor acting in the capacity of Military Police … Why are there about 50 E.O.'s that Clearly State and or point this fact out…. as well as Court Rulings and U.S.C. …… I love how you SLAPED that Flyer in the Editing … Priceless but made a dam good point enough of one that that COP brought it up…. Fkn Nice job Laura

    Homeless Cop Watch … That's right All you Privet Military Contractors acting as Military Police in the Territory of California you are on Notice your being watched not just by ME but others as well… Your always on camera and I am not alone the difference between myself and others is I am well Trained and Educated with the same Knowledge and Training you have …. Freedom is not FREE folks You're mind is You're best WEAPON it's best to keep it Locked and Loaded .. Those that Sleep on there Right's have none …

    News Artical all should be aware of that includes all you Policy Enforcement.



    CASE LAWS: Lawful Resist
    Plummer Vs. State
    Bad Elk vs. US
    Wilson Vs. State

    Regulations police are under on or in territory's occupied and under Military control.

    Lieber Code
    FM 2710
    Declaration of Paris 1856
    Law of Nation's
    Hague Convention
    International Law
    Geneva Conversation 1949

    Case law: all Need to be a wear of when Auditing or cop watching.

    Deshaney v Winnebago
    Bailyey v. UNITED STATE'S
    Brwndlin v. California
    Florida v Bostic
    Terry v Ohio
    Jones v. Tremmen
    Vol 7 art 4 Corpus juris secundum
    28 C.F.R. Section 0.85
    Girty v. Logan, 6 Bush KY, 8
    Cpc 602,
    Cpc 148-G
    Cpc 1524-G
    Bane Act (Civ. Code, 52.1
    Florida v. Bostie 501, U.S. 429.434
    U.S.C. 42. 1983 Deprivation of Rights
    Hale v. Henkel 201. U.S. 43. 1906
    18. USC 2707
    District of Columbia v. Tidewater Transfer Company 337 U.S.S.C. 1948
    18 USC : 7
    United States v. Hudson & Goodwin, 11 U.S. ( 7th Cr.) 32 (1812);
    United States v. Coolidge, 14 U.S. (1 Wheat.) 415 (1816);
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    United States v. Eaton, 144 U.S. 677, 687 (1892)
    State v. Phillips 540 Pac. Rep.2nd 936
    18 U.S.C. 241-242

    American National/State Citizen v U.S. citizen
    Difference in Jurisdiction
    8 usc. 1101 821/822.
    People v De La Guerra. 40 Cal. 311, 342 (A.D. 1870)

    EO No.10834 F.R. 6865


  4. Smh fuck da police Laura I almost hit a cop going to Las Vegas I the carpool lane and it was.traffic bumpers to bumperI had my blinkers on but the fasted motorcycle cop so he stopped the freeway to tell you could of killed he was all.mad but he the wrong though fuckin pig that cop was a.jerk its slow down and watch the carpool lane this took place

  5. The reason I love your videos is you are never rude to the cops like some cop watchers on youtube and every thing you do is to educate and point out the wrong being done. As I always say stay safe and you are always in my prayers .

  6. Those idiot's they do violate people's rights all the time just bevause people are on papers dont mean they uave to jam them up and search hpw do they expect society to respect them of they dont respect the people paying them Laura they are some good law enforcement however your work comes across all the average we need less average and more good

  7. Since they aren't allowed to search in pockets they will put them in back of car hoping the person will take the dope out an try to hide it undr seat. They thn get them out an look under the seat. Busted

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