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Deputy Quinones #521388 and Deputy Cornea #652515 pulled over this couple. This was I think the 2nd or 3rd time they had been pulled over in a short period of time…the Los Angeles Sheriffs deputies have put this family threw hell. Writing them traffic tickets, after pulling them out of the car, talking down to them, towing cars, taking the husband to jail, citing him out, but the trauma didnt end there, on one of the tickets, they went to the court date that was on the ticket, the court said they were not in the system, they thought like anyone would think, ok well its dismissed right? NOPE they filed the ticket maybe 2 days later, and filed a failure to appear…which temporarily suspended the husbands license but they had no idea, and then they get pulled over here in this video by deputy quinones…and after pulling them out of the car, they told them he is driving with a suspended license and towed his car giving this couple bills of around $300 to get their property back.
It’s disgusting. And this couple, Tom Zebra and I just met, at one of their court dates, they are the sweetest people you have ever met, I really cant even tell you how calm, and soft spoken yet clear about all the trauma they have been through….she is a bit sassy to these deputies, but they are upset and probably nervous, and it is up to the deputies to remain professional, which as you’ll see, they failed. I imagine this couple is not the first or the last, to have to be subjected to this, all I know I can do, is if this is happening to you or someone you know, you can contact me Share your video with me, and I will be happy to expose the officers or deputies

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24 thoughts on “Deputy Quinones

  1. I have a ticket for July 15th 2020 from Deputy Quiones while detained and handcuffed he called me overweight and wrote me a faulty ticket for speeding as well as mentioned that because I have a nice car it could’ve been stolen when he ran my plates ordered me out he works for the south la sheriff station the Lt Watch Commander on that same night when I went in to file the complaint mentioned that she made my “ticket disappear” so I wouldn’t have to file the complaint I feel so guilty because he is still out here harassing individuals

  2. Absolutely petty! When did it become that the very people we’re supposed to go to for help are now the people we need help defending ourselves against. To stand there and lie just so they can deliberately destroy someone’s lives. They’re doing this just to prove they can. Here you have two short cops and one of is female which in the case of cops means they have an inferiority complex and are trying to prove that they were big boy pants! How can anybody that is supposed to help people and protect them from criminals be proud of committing criminal acts against those very people? Do they go home and brag to their family about what they’re doing? Or do you think they’re so embarrassed by their actions that they lied to their family about what they did? How can their senior officers not be disgusted buy these cops that are supposed to be representing the department? All cops might not be bad but how many good cops does it take to make up for these actions? These are the kind of cops that are hoping if they push the people hard enough and enough times they’ll get a reaction that will justify what they want all along! They like using violence and want to hurt someone! Why else would they loudly and repeatedly make statements about reaching for a weapon when clearly neither One of this couple had any intentions involving a weapon. Just asking 🤔

  3. This is not the criminals with badges fault. They are doing exactly what criminals do, committing crimes. They were hired to this department for that reason. This is the direct teachings of the city manager, Chief, Sheriff and the Mayor. We have the right as citizens to call and ask them why are they employing dirty cops and why are law abiding taxpayers being forced to pay for dirty and incompetent cops?

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