Dash Cam. Police Chase & Shootout. Sioux City Iowa. Melvin Spencer Trial

#officerinvolvedshooting The above video is a segment of dash cam video from Woodbury County Deputy Mike Lenz’s patrol car of a vehicle pursuit and subsequent gun battle between Deputy Lenz and the defendant driving the suspect vehicle.
Sioux City Iowa —- Jury deliberations have concluded for the day in the attempted murder trial of Melvin Spencer.

Twenty-five-year-old Spencer is accused of shooting at Deputy Mike Lenz, in February, following a high-speed chase that ended near the Sioux Gateway Airport.

Before deliberations began Friday, the jury heard from Lenz about the night of the shooting.Dramatic moments shown in court Friday of Melvin Spencer shooting at a Woodbury County deputy on the night of February 26th.

“I vividly remember the flash and the smoke from the gun,” said Mike Lenz, a deputy with the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office. “At that point, I was scared for my life.”

It was a situation Deputy Mike Lenz was put into when assisting another deputy following a high-speed chase with Spencer.

It ended when the car he was driving, got stuck in a ditch near the Sioux Gateway Airport.

“I didn’t even have time to put my vehicle into park and the suspect driving the vehicle reached out of the drivers window and I noticed he was wearing a red jacket and he started firing rounds at me with a handgun,” said Lenz.

That’s when Lenz said he got below his dashboard for safety and called for help on his radio.

When the rounds stopped…

“I took a position at the hinge of my door and took aim at the suspect,” said Lenz. “And, did you return fire?” asked PJ Jennings, a prosecutor. “I did return fire.”

Lenz says Spencer fired another round as Lenz made his way to the back of the car.

Spencer then ran southbound.

Spencer’s brother, who was in the car with him during the pursuit unarmed, was shot in the jaw during the gunfire.

Lenz and a Sergeant Bluff police officer had to wait before giving him medical attention.

“Due to the subject in red running and he was still in my perception still considered armed and I had no idea where he was.”

Melvin Spencer was tracked down three hours later.

Deliberations in the trial will continue Monday morning at nine.

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49 thoughts on “Dash Cam. Police Chase & Shootout. Sioux City Iowa. Melvin Spencer Trial

  1. Nice shooting officers. Not only did you completely miss the gunman and accidentally shoot his brother, but you made sure to let the gunman run off into the night. I understand your concern about not knowing where he went. It’s not like there were footprints in the snow that would have led you to him. I suppose I’d be nervous also if I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, which is why I said his brother was accidentally shot.

  2. I remember rolling up to a neighbor with a shotgun shooting at people walking past his house. Very dark street. I heard moaning like that. Found in the darkness was a guy on the sidewalk with his face blown off. Wasn't a pretty site.

    Shooter was taken into custody.

  3. I actually feel for the passenger in this case. He did EVERYTHING right and left the vehicle face down, arms out… cop lost the driver, adrenaline pumping, just started unloading on the passenger instead. This is the one video where I'd say if (not that it would ever happen) I was this passenger, I'd end up totally fu&%$d as well. Then again, that's why I don't hang out with idiots like this I guess lol. Still – officer needs to check his fire and assess each threat individually. You can't just f'ing change targets and start shooting at someone else that you've had zero contact with.

  4. If someone you care about is regularly breaking the law then they are going to run away & leave you behind without looking back & without a second thought. They are only going to think of themselves & getting away with it. Get them out of your life b4 they put you into a dangerous or deadly situation & abandoned you there.

  5. If I was the guy on the ground I'd try yelling you better come fucking cuff me before I make you dumb fucks kill me to put me out of my misery.
    I dont understand why its such a bad thing to have cops whos iq is above 80.

  6. Know this is old and I usually support officers but any idiot could have seen that man tried to get down and out of the way and the dickhead officer shot him while the idiot with the gun took off. Piss poor training or has no business being a police officer

  7. Rescue teams are so slow in the USA, when i see clips with firefighters or other rescue teams i cant belive what i see….hard wounded people on the ground and the rescueteam are moving slow like they are at home in the weekend….40% of wounded people must be dead because of this….

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