28 thoughts on “Dash Cam in Action – Driver Caught Making Left Turn

  1. To me it's not about the ticket, it's about assholes who are willing to bugger up traffic to make that left turn on a double solid. This one is even worse as it looks like they're in the turning lane of oncoming traffic. Ticket worthy imo. There's a daycare in my small city where inconsiderate people make an improper left at the noon and 5pm rush hour instead of simply spending, literally, one minute to make the proper earlier easy-to-make left and three right turns to do it properly & safely. I'm torn because I surely don't like blueisis road pirates generating revenue either. Just my two cents.

  2. I can say if it was me, I would either get a warning, or they would immediately turn off and drive away when they realized they pulled me over. On the other hand…

  3. Did the driver start his left turn from a lane that was not intended for left turns to be made from? Was the left turn driver in a lane that was intended for use in the opposite direction, that is, was the left turn driver going the wrong way in the lane he occupied?

  4. that was actually the left turn lane of the opposing traffic that he made the turn out of.
    Give him credit for turning into that (unused) lane to avoid holding up traffic…..
    Personally , I think if he really needed to turn into there he needed to find another way to do this…. That is why there are traffic rules

  5. Aw hell no! LT in the LT lane of the opposite direction. But, in the driver's defense, there are marked short LT's on some roads.. I'm guessing a less experienced driver would make that mistake. Will probably be fixed with an 8 hour driving school in lieu of fine. Apply more training to the problem and it gets fixed.

  6. Hispanic driver- cop will ask for immigration status

    Black driver- cop will ask for a recipe for good collard greens.

    White- off with a nice warning

  7. The thing I observed was that the driver used the opposing left hand lane to turn into a private driveway where the government had placed a traffic island to limit entrance.

    I don't know the area, or why the traffic island was placed there, but in this case, he was on the wrong side of the road when the turn was effected.

  8. He was technically on the other side of the road because he turned into another turning lane for the opposite direction of traffic … sure people get away with it all the time but you can't fault the cops for that one …

  9. Cops give out way more tickets in California than in South Dakota it’s unbelievable how much you have to put up with it’s all a money game

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