California: Liberty on Life Support

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I understand other states are also getting as bad or worse, but this just stuck out to me in the news yesterday. Principles remain the same anywhere in this country to me.
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32 thoughts on “California: Liberty on Life Support

  1. Obviously there are more snow flakes than patriots in commiefornia,that's why they vote those tyrants into office.

    get the hell out of there,don't support that regime. And live under their total control.!

  2. I live in California and own multiple firearms not only do I have to pay extra on ammunition I had to get what is called a real Id and do you know how much a 20 round box of .303 brit costs here anywhere from 40 to 70 US dollars and I am broke from buying ammo just to plink 9mms 20 bucks for 50, 50 .22lr 7 to 9 doll hairs! Can someone please save me

  3. The problem is politicians lie. They will never tell you their true motive, what they really believe, or what they want to do. You know this Mike, look at what happened here in Michigan. The new governor wants to raise the gas tax 45c making us the highest in the country. When she was confronted during the debate about it, she laughed and said it was absurd.

  4. Im from the UK so i might be missing something. But I think this could have a small chance of preventing people preparing a mass shooting from raising suspicion, giving people buying large amounts of ammunition the excuse of bulk buying to dodge the background check tax. Maybe im missing something but it seems a little concerning.

  5. In California doing drugs & defecating in public is perfectly acceptable, but wearing a M.A.G.A. hat in public will get you physically attacked.
    How long must we wait?
    Come on California!
    Californians keep 'threatening' (46 of the other 49 states see it as a promise. No President Obama that is correct, there are 50 states not 51 like you said in that speech) to secede from the United States.
    Do we have to "triple-dog dare you" to get you to take your failed socialist ideas & leave?

  6. all i can say bro…. get ready to retire. your orders to nazify your actions will arrive soon. along with your mandatory daily drug allotment and anonymous subversive reporting hotline number, which of course will be recorded. its a BRAVE NEW WORLD!

  7. Mike, I'll start with this: big fan. But this video is factually incorrect because the premise is deeply flawed. I'll start with this reality check: CA's representation is NOT representative. Under redistricting the DPoC was able to completely silence dissent. The GOP literally walked away, and we've been f***ed ever since. I'm not even a republican but because I'm not a leftist, I'm without representation. Half the state is NOT being represented at all. And thanks to DPoC leadership…most of us CAN'T afford to leave. If you want the real breakdown, ask. This video has a LOT of false assumptions, and I think you'd be well served to understand them. Not blaming you, you aren't here. But we can talk about it if you're open to the rest of the story. Love your work all the same, and look forward to more in the future!

  8. 20.00 first time then a dollar every time after. What a RIP off. Here we just buy the stuff like cigarettes or booze. Show an id to prove 18 and up and you walk out of the store . I know 21 is the age for alcohol, but just saying the mechanics are the same. And that is Walmart. At farm supply stores you show no id, just money. California taxes everything. What next, picking your nose tax,meth tax, breathing tax. I got a solution, tax LGBT, filthy hippies, heroin addicts, eccentric people, ivory towers, Hollywood, every leftist university and tax every bleeding heart celebrity atomic style. Pretty soon they will have to tax the taxes, its like a black hole feeding on itself.

  9. Gun owners are a minority in California . This is a tax on a minority . Does this law discriminate against a minority ? Is this one of the reasons why Trump someone who obstructed Justice and most likely colluded with Russians to get reelected ? Democrats need to use that long hippie ponytail of theirs to pull their head out of their ass !!!!

  10. so I work and live in California in a town of 100k people. the sadist part of it is that everyone whos our local and state governments are corrupt as shit but no one does anything. We even have proof that our mayor excepts bribes and awards government contracts to his friends, and stops any business from competing with them. yet no one cares

  11. When a judge wanted to give me three years for a self defense shootings I decided to leave California. I missed the guy and the judge tried to get me to take a public defender so he could put me in prison for three years because he said I could have hit and injured another person. The truth is he hated guns. Instead I hired the best lawyer I could find but the asshole judge gave me 5 years probation. The CHP even defend me and called it self defense.

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