Butthurt Commenters UNITE

Mike and Dave share their respective butthurt comments from YouTube and Instagram in this clip of the Off the Cuff podcast. Some people just can’t resist our charm I guess 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Butthurt Commenters UNITE

  1. This seems like a fitting video to ask these questions on. It may sound like a rant but it comes with good intentions. Apparently blinkers on cop cars in my town and speedometers don't work. Or at least they're not paid attention to. I had one similar to the description today that inspired this question. He wasn't in pursuit. Just wanted to get in front of me to get off the exit first and then stop at the same red light. Why is it so often that police come across as if they believe they are above or immune to the law? Perhaps not all do but to the public that seems to be, more often than not, our perception. Maybe the officer had a bad day or a thousand other possible reasons why. Anyway, why do officers not make it a policy, a point, a rule of thumb or some kind of ethic to be an example through their actions of a law abiding citizen? In today's country where the public trust is being challenged by "bad cops" and their poor decisions and actions, why don't ya'll start holding yourselves to a higher standard of morals, ethics or beliefs even? Perhaps I sound like a hater in this comment but don't get me wrong. I want ya'll to be respected the same as you do, but why not put in the effort to earn it through your actions? I've got alumni that are officers and even with them, I might offend some by asking questions like this. I ask you because you have a platform to address it and might motivate some change. Thank you for your service and God bless the boys in blue. The ones that are honorable that is.

  2. Honestly, I used to watch most of your videos that popped up on recommended. Since I saw your video where you called your new female relative a "sandwich maker", and you read responses to that, all I can think is "why would you think that's a funny thing to say" and I found I can't enjoy your videos any more.
    I expect you to take my comment as "butthurt triggered feminazi", but honestly I have encountered people who firmly believe that women belong in the kitchen providing food to their husbands. I just…can't find it funny for people to pretend to be like that.
    I'm writing this purely for your information.

  3. I conceal carry, but I also exercise my 4th amendment (or rather I would if i ever was given the chance). So if I’m pulled over and I tell an officer out of courtesy that I have a firearm in the car, does that technically give them probable cause to search my vehicle since they know about a weapon?

    Thanks for reading and I love your content!

  4. I came here from another video Because it’s your most recent upload as I’m writing this. I saw you pin a death threat against cops in general on your other video and I want you to know that I am deeply disgusted by this. I’m so sorry you get so many disrespectful people commenting such hate on your videos. Thank you for serving the public in spite of such ungrateful people.

  5. You dudes are Scary as F#%k. Thanks. I’m scared to J walk now !!! Just a question. Do you all get interview on a regular basis. As part of being a Cop By a professional therapist. No joke ??

  6. I've carried my pistol like that for a decade and done almost everything from work on my car to manually splitting firewood.   It's never been a problem or moved out of place.   I use a wide nylon belt that does a nice job of covering the trigger from the outside, the only potential problem is when I put it on.   I make sure to be deliberate and slow when I put it on.   If it's not for you then fine but when done properly it's perfectly safe.

  7. For some reason, youtube didn't want me to see this video. Multiple times throughout the last 2 days, this video would show up on my sub page. I would just notice it as I was refreshing and it would disappear! As I said, this happened like 5 or 6 times.
    I had to manually come to your channel just to watch it. Thought I would let you know, Mike.

  8. Hey Mike the Cop, do police officers get irritated with bad drivers in traffic like the rest of us? Or do people going exactly the limit or even the worst, 5 under, stick out as following the law or better drivers in the eyes of the law? I mean compared to people going 5 mph over and actually paying attention while they drive. Do people who text and drive infuriate you when they hold up traffic? Not road rage, but just wondering your disposition on driving styles

  9. I may not always agree with what Mike The Cop has to say, but I am still glad that he and other officers like him are trying to connect with people. I know that I myself despite knowing people who have been in law enforcement tend to forget that they are the same people on the job as well as off. I only wish that every city, town, county, etc. would let their officers do things like this as well. As I said I may not always like or agree with what he says, but I still find it very informative and overall enjoy the videos. Because of what he is doing I tend to be more critical of videos that are shared by my friends or show up on my feed of "cops doing wrong" suppressing the knee-jerk reaction of, "OMG why the cop do that!" and try to be more critical of those types of videos. I am a seeker of truth, I believe that if we don't actively find it and accept it even when we don't like it then we will not be able to make policy and life changes that are meaningful and helpful to everyone.

  10. I have an idea, and I am asking for everyone's help. I would like to propose to the drivers education people to have the local enforcement to come and demonstrate and educate our children on how to properly conduct themselves in a traffic stop. I am quite serious about this, and willing to do what I can in my area to help organize this. I believe that it will help shape them, and help them place the officers more at ease, as well as help them understand OUR responsibility as drivers when We Break The Law and are confronted by those men and women who we trust and depend on. Please give me feedback especially from those of you who are in law enforcement.

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