BREAKING: Police Shoot and Kill Fleeing 19 Yr Old In The Back – FULL VIDEO – Amagansett Press

BREAKING: Police Shoot and Kill Fleeing 19 Yr Old In The Back – FULL VIDEO – Amagansett Press

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39 thoughts on “BREAKING: Police Shoot and Kill Fleeing 19 Yr Old In The Back – FULL VIDEO – Amagansett Press

  1. From all views shooting the S.O.C. (subject of concern) shows excessive use of force in my opinion, due care was not taken by the officers. This is given the NIJ guidelines, no gun was shown or pointed at the officers. It was referenced in the call. Yes, he had a gun but they exceeded the use of force rules. Force was needed but not Lethal force was not! Use of a gun is lethal force! Failing to follow these rules are placing a bad light on the police.

    Defunding police is NOT the answer, proper training and conduct is! I hope this excessive use of force did not impair the ability to prosecute the S.O.C.

    Looking towards cases like George Floyd, he did need to be arrested, but officers went beyond the required force and look where that went! 😱

  2. Another thing, if these cops followed their arrest policies the kid would be alive almost guaranteed. The gov't is so evil, there is always 110% of the time criminal blame on them in most all criminal cases all across the country. Period.

  3. I'm a big believer in the Constitution however the 2nd Amendment is one a take issue with. It was written at a time where militia were necessary in order to protect the country and there wasn't law enforcement to protect the public. I guess what it all boils down to is a very simple question and i would love to hear everyones opinion on it however I ask you consider the following question prior to rendering an opinion. Would the world be a better/safer place if there were no guns at all?

  4. The caller said he knew where both suspects lived. Even if they got away, an attempt to get them successfully eventually would’ve been made. Shots didn’t need to be fired. I hate that they assaulted and robbed someone but shooting that many times or shooting at all wasn’t necessary. Yea he ran but I guarantee he wasn’t gonna get far. Most of the comments I see are coming from white people and I respect everyone’s opinion. However, when it comes to black suspects, officers first instinct is ALWAYS to shoot and they can any little slither of a reason to justify it. Even if he didn’t run and they stood like complete statues, the cops still would’ve found something wrong. I watch all of AP’s videos and I love what he does and what he stands for because that’s everything I stand for. He has a video roasting the cops in the worst way cause they were harassing him with his yard sale. All First Amendment. But that’s something a black person would never be able to do and we all know that. After about 5 min, an officer or multiple officers would’ve found any reason to tell a black person to put his or her hands up. If this suspect were a 19 year white male, he would not have been shot. They would’ve run after him and if they couldn’t get him, they would’ve gone out looking for him.

  5. Excellent job officers!! As a former MP, I can say this… everything was done by the book. These are NOT tyrant cops… suspect was informed a weapon was involved, he ran, he reached, they dropped him and as soon as they realized they hit him (when he went down) they STOPPED firing. They did a great job here!!

  6. Okay so this how American cops work you ask for help ,they ask for a tone of description, dispatchers tell the officer's minimum of what you've answered, and then they don't even fire a warning shot and shoot the dude in the back with more then five gun shots, this is absolutely disgusting, especially due to the fact he was running AWAY! …. don't forget the fact when they did shoot ,I thought you were meant to aim for LIMBS!

  7. I feel sorry for the parents but you have to consider if they were responsible as well for producing such a rotten piece of shit who would sink so low to rob people at gunpoint. His friend in red also clearly gave up his friend. Justified shooting, you HAVE to shoot to kill someone with a gun.

  8. This was a wholly unjustified shooting. There was probable cause for the first officer on the scene to draw his weapon and order them to the ground. Had he drawn his weapon the one who ran would have most likely complied when he saw the officer's firearm. (Even if he ran, there would be no justification to shoot him absent a display of a gun.) The arrival of the other officer was seconds later. The suspect did not reach for his gun before or during his flight. The officer who shot him was not in danger, but he will most likely skate on the kill since the suspect was armed. Shooting a fleeing suspect in the back can be negligent homicide, manslaughter or 2nd-degree murder. Had the suspect stopped, turned, and begin to draw his gun or fully displayed it, the shooting would be justified. There are two lessons here. One is for suspects: do not run from the police for any reason. Two is for the police officers: Process the information you have and use proper procedures to minimize the actions of the suspect/s and thereby protect yourself in the process. Had the officer employed proper apprehension procedures upon initial contact the young man would most likely be alive. Written by a retired police officer who taught arrest procedures and field trained new officers.

  9. This looked like a good shoot to me!!!
    1) He had a gun
    2) It looked like he put his hands on the gun as he was running so he could have shot.
    3) Legal to carry will comply. Running indicates he illegally had a gun. We don’t want those people on the streets.
    Great job offers!!! He could have got away and killed an innocent person!!!

  10. This officer’s action is justified, a little bit much and he should have used a taser but he was well within his right to use deadly force, especially knowing that the suspect has a gun and might at any second turn and shoot him while fleeing.

  11. I always say that if the police are really trained to shoot where they see a target then why not shoot them in the leg while running? I understand when he's reaching for it or about to shoot you then you take actions but that is just my opinion! R.I.P kid may god take mercy on your soul!

  12. The cops appeared justified. The young man that was shot and died is because of his own stupidity. Sad. The smartest person there that day? The young man in red. He's alive because he didn't run.

  13. OMG!!! You put this video together wonderfully!!! I can’t even begin to imagine the work it took to put something like this together!! You have amazing talent and I appreciate everything you do, in regards to videos like this and being a 1A auditor!!!! Thank you!!! 😊😊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. The officer should have shot he knew a gun was involved and as the perp was running you were unable to see what his hands were doing, had the officer not fired when he did it could have been the officer Down not the suspect.

  15. Looks like Job Well Done to me. As the kid was running you can see his right hand digging for something and I doubt he was simply scratching his balls due to a case of the crabs. If he pulls a gun and fires at the officers chasing him he is liable to hit one of them and better the bad guy gets shot than a cop.

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