Bomb Scare at LA Times in El Segundo

Oct 24th, 2018 : The LA Times building on Imperial Blvd in El Segundo received a package that appeared suspicious. El Segundo police and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials responded and declared the package harmless.

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41 thoughts on “Bomb Scare at LA Times in El Segundo

  1. Why were police allowed in the area with no level c or better suits when the media was forced back while wearing no level c or better suits. If it is a danger to be there with no c or better on its a danger to all the cops too. Guess the fire department hates the cops.

  2. It’s a constant battle with some misinformed officers who argue what areas are accessible to members of the media in certain incidents. Since this was considered a crime scene there is very little we can do about being pushed back behind tape so I usually don’t push it. Don’t get me wrong, if this were a accident, fire or protest i would have definitely challenged the officer since we are allowed freedom of movement as long as we do not impede or interfere. Good coverage. Stay safe out there.

  3. For the safety of the Journalist, due to a possible hazardous material, we are going to have to move you back. But… the safety of the officers and other firefighters, who are not wearing respirators or gas mask, they are allowed to stand within feet of a open suspected package that could expose them to who knows what… Again, it calls into question the term "for safety reasons".

    Maybe this fire department cares more for the journalist than they do for local law enforcement.

  4. Possible suspicious device, as reported by the government, let's break that down to understand the dangers associated with such items.
    Possible- might be, might not be, but let's say it exists by using optimism as a basis
    Suspicious- we don't know anything about it other than it exists so let's err on the side of cowardice because we are not educated on it's purpose or know it's intent
    Device- let's label it as something made to perform an action of some sort because if it didn't do anything we know it wouldn't be suspicious
    Ok, let's recap this possible suspicious device. It exists, we can't describe it's purpose or explain what it is or does so, there, it's labeled. As an added bonus we can keep it's intent and purpose hidden so we can fabricate our own narrative and falsely inform others to what we want it to be or do whether it's dangerous or not because our description is so vague no amount of training or education can cipher if it is safe or not. So let's put the concerns of safety of the world into oblivion for we need to distract them so we can continue our own nefarious deeds while they are hiding and cowering.
    Are you still scared of a possible suspicious device?

  5. Funny….I don't have to EVER show any "media credentials" when I film a police scene. They really have never push me back to a media spot or say anything at all. Cali is hilarious. Did you ever show them a copy of the 1st Amendment as your " media credentials" ? Great job as always. Stay safe brother.

  6. give up an inch and then you are standing a full two blocks back, trying to zoom in via a telescope. lol, Bullcrap. Keep up the great work my friend, seeing this happening has really opened my eyes.

  7. Does not make sense that you have two men in hazmat suits wrapping up a box and their gloves while unprotected people are standing tight beside them smiling and laughing… was it deemed safe at that point, if so why is media moved so far back and all the other people are standing right next to everything? It clearly shows they are not too worried, so the purpose of moving media seemed to be more about not letting them see what was happening verses safety….I could be totally wrong it just seemed strange.

  8. I love how you have to move back "for your safety" while the two guys in biohazard suits have a dozen people standing around them as they handle the item they are so concerned about your safety on, they should have ALL those people standing back, yet they are within feet of the dangerous thing that might cause you harm without a care in the world… it just goes to show they need to play pretend to keep the pay raises and paranoia train going…

  9. At the 7:00 minute spot you see 2 guys in HazMat suits with air purifying mask on, but you see 5 people just standing around in street clothes. people with cameras are pushed back twice. comedy. what a joke. keep up the good work Onus.

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