Bodycam Footage Shows Florida Woman Stab Cop Ahead of Shooting


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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Jacksonville, Florida — On Saturday, 04-11-2020, a 911 call received stated the complainant, wanted to be “Baker Acted” to get her medication. She said she did not want to harm herself, she merely wanted her medication. She would not. answer questions and hung up. Officer T.N. Sweeney and Officer E.A. Mcchling, were originally assigned the Mentally ill Person call, however, Officer Mcchling was cancelled and Officer K.R. Oren, was dispatched with Officer Sweeney. The dispatcher’s notes on the call said an unverified 9-1-1 call at this location and no answer on call hack of two (2) attempts. Officer Sweeney and Officer Oren arrived. Officer Sweeney checked hack from the call. Another 911 call was received from Leah Baker, in reference to her medications being stolen by her roommate. Ten minutes later, Officer Mcchling asked HQ to be assigned that Dispute call at Golfair Boulevard, which was holding. The dispatcher’s notes on the call said the disturbance was between the complainant (Leah Baker) and her roommate, in reference to her medications being stolen. At 17:13, Officer Mcchling arrived. She parked in front. of the residence, exiled her patrol vehicle, walked up to the residence, and knocked on the front door.

The suspect, Leah Marie Baker (White Female, 29 years old) opened the front door and immediately charged at. Officer Mcchling with a large kitchen knife. Baker aggressively attacked Officer Mcchling with an overhead swing (downward motion); stabbing Officer Mcchling in the left. arm with the knife. Officer Mcchling moved back several feel creating distance between herself and Baker, drew her issued Firearm, and informed I IQ that she had just. been stabbed. Officer Mcchling then gave Baker repealed loud verbal commands to drop the knife. Baker initially dropped the knife and was told to get on the ground; however, she walked off of the front porch and grabbed the knife again. Officer Mcchling discharged her issued firearm al. Baker twice. Officer Mcchling then informed I 10 that shots had been Fired. Baker dropped the knife, and continued to stand and stare at Officer Mcchling; refusing to comply with her continued commands. Sergeant J.C. Nobles, and Sergeant M.C. Monts, who had just. completed working an Off-Duty assignment and were driving (separately) to the Zone 1 gas pumps, witnessed Officer Mcchling coming off or the porch at Golfair Boulevard. Both sergeants stopped in assist..

Sergeant Nobles and Officer Mcchling both gave Baker repeated loud verbal commands to get away from the knife and to get on the ground; however, Baker grabbed the knife again and charged at Sergeant Nobles. Both Sergeant Nobles and Officer Mcchling discharged their issued firearms at Baker. Baker fell to the ground, but continued to defy officer’s commands to ‘drop the knife” and to “stay down”, so they could provide her with medical aid. K9 Officer C.D. Plaugher, along with Police Service Dog (PSD) “I luk” engaged Baker, and assisted in taking her into custody, by removing her from the knife. When Baker began punching PSD “I luk”, Officer Sweeney deployed his Concluded Energy Weapon (CEW) to assist in taking Baker into custody. Once Baker was safely in custody, she received medical aid from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD) personnel, who had already arrived on scene. Baker was then transported to the UF Health hospital located at 655 West 8th Street; however, she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced deceased at 17:40.

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20 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Shows Florida Woman Stab Cop Ahead of Shooting

  1. What a coincidence her last name is Baker. Just like the person the “the Baker Act” (committing someone to a psych ward without consent for their own and others safety) was named after.

  2. That female cop was definitely a rookie she was worried about yelling into the radio you just got stabbed most people would have done the same thing great job though.

  3. Open Season on our police officers. This is horse crap! We need to support BLUE!
    – There are quite a few police officers that would have been trained well enough to have drawn their weapon and put three shots in her from the initial door opening and her charging, however, as good as I am at defending myself, she would have stabbed me too. She was quick as hell. I'm assuming this was suicide by cop. Truth be told, I wonder what the cop would be charged with if the women was black. Just curious because of our political racism going on over this past year.

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