Body cams: Man Fights Officers Ends In Death in-Custody

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Aurora, Colorado — Aurora Police Department — NEWS RELEASE: UPDATE A Disturbance in the 10600 Block of East Jewell Avenue Leads to Death

On December 17th, 2018, Officers from the Aurora Police Department responded to 10653 East Jewell Avenue after a woman called 911 saying that there was a verbal and physical domestic fight occurring inside of the apartment.

Officers arrived on scene approximately 7 minutes later and as they approached the apartment, could hear yelling and screaming. As officers approached the door, they could see a male actively choking another male. Officers began to give verbal commands during this loud and very chaotic scene. One of the involved males then turns his attention officers and begins to advance on them. This male is later identified as Mr. David Baker.

Two different officers deployed their Tasers but neither had any effect. After the 2 unsuccessful Taser attempts, Mr. Baker pushes an officer out of the apartment and continues to fight. After some baton strikes that prove to be ineffective, the fight makes its way outside. Once outside, officers attempt to go hands on with Mr. Baker who instead throws an officer to the ground, injuring them. Mr. Baker continues to advance on the officers and ends up grabbing an officer’s baton and attempts to take it away.

At one point, an officer is in a position to apply a carotid control hold. While attempting to apply the carotid control hold, Mr. Baker is able to turn himself around and then places his hands around an officer’s neck and begins to choke him for several seconds. Other officers notice that the officer is being choked, attempt to drive-stun Mr. Baker as well as deliver baton strikes to his legs, all of which had no effect.

After finally letting go of our officers throat, Mr. Baker turns and begins to walk towards the open apartment door. Someone on the inside of the apartment notices this and quickly closes the door. Mrs. Baker is left outside pleading to her husband to please stop.

An officer attempts to de-escalate the situation by putting away his baton and going hands on instead. While trying to gain control of Mr. Bakers arm and take him to the ground, Mr. Baker is able to fight through and continues to fight officers. Officers then begin to punch, kick, and use their Taser to drive-stun Mr. Baker in an attempt to place him into custody. During all of this, Mrs. Baker, as well as a neighbor who has heard the yelling and screaming, are now both pleading to Mr. Baker to stop fighting.

Mr. Baker is finally taken to the ground but continues to kick and fight with officers as they attempt to take him into custody. Now over 6 minutes into the fight, the first backup officers arrive on scene. Mr. Baker is laying on his arms preventing officers from placing into handcuffs. An officer has to use his baton as a pry tool to get one of his arms free in order to successfully handcuff him. Once officers finally get his second arm free, it takes 4 pairs of handcuffs, linked together, to properly restrain Mr. Baker.

Officers prepare to apply a hobble, which consists of a separate waist chain and feet restraints. At NO time during a hobble do the hands ever get attached to the feet as they would in a hogtie. Also, while officers only mentioned applying hobbles, neither the separate waist chain nor the feet restraints were ever successfully applied.

As officers continue to effectively gain complete control of Mr. Baker, an officer recognizes that he may be unconscious. Officers request for Rescue to respond to the scene, who were already staged around the corner. Officers begin to check vital signs and it appears that Mr. Baker is not breathing although another officer can feel a pulse. Rescue was walked into scene where they took over the medical measures. Mr. Baker was transported to the hospital where he unfortunately pronounced deceased.

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48 thoughts on “Body cams: Man Fights Officers Ends In Death in-Custody

  1. How about the female officers help the male officer with subduing and handcuffing him? after realising the taser isnt working? that male officer is literally 1 on 1 with that dude, those female officers could easily take 1 arm while the male officer takes the other.

  2. Nothing, zero was unfortunate about this monster going room temperature. This POS was straight out of a 50s Sci-Fi movie!! Family, neighbors any body within 1000 feet of him can breathe a sigh of relief.

  3. Screeching like that should be considered interfering with an arrest, it makes it harder for people to issue and hear and follow commands and just creates more chaos during an already chaotic situation.

  4. Screeching like that should be considered interfering with an arrest, it makes it harder for people to issue and hear and follow commands and just creates more chaos during an already chaotic situation.

  5. The reason why most serving officers don't like having female partners…absolutely useless in this situation. I'm all for women's rights but not when its a risk to the other officers life.

  6. That Guy was a lump. No shame in not being able to take him down. Tazer did nothing. I'm sorry but the vast majority of female cops are useless in this situation with a guy that big. Chances are if it was 3 male cops and not 1 male and 2 females he could of been restrained

  7. A little judo or other martial arts of the sort go a long way. You learn to use their weight and body’s against them, regardless of drugs or adrenaline, a body can only bend so many ways. Can only keep its balance so far. Functions under certain amount of stress. There are far more human ways to control and overpower an opponent

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