Body Cam: Suspect Drags Deputy, Get Shot and Injured Deputy

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Seminole County, Florida — The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office released full video of both Deputy Aaron Blais’s in-car camera and body worn camera from the incident that occurred yesterday in Heathrow/Lake Mary at I-4 and 46A. Deputy Aaron Blais was treated and released at the hospital yesterday for non-life threatening injuries. Our suspect Rocky Money Rudolph Jr was apprehended shortly before 4:30 p.m. yesterday, 06/29/2019.
All details are in a press briefing of the Seminole County Sheriff in second part of the video.

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31 thoughts on “Body Cam: Suspect Drags Deputy, Get Shot and Injured Deputy

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  2. One of the dumbest police altercations Ive ever seen. On both parties. The suspect is an idiot for obvious reasons and the cop is an idiot for hanging onto that truck as long as he did. He's lucky he ain't dead. That so wasn't worth it.

  3. Talk about systemic racism, this guy was nothing but a walking felony. How can anyone who is logical accuse the system of racism when you are given chance after chance to rehabilitate?

    BLM, MSM and the Dems are lying POS, so sad they divide us with false racism accusations, all the while staying in the abstract without looking at the individuals and the lack of accountability.

    To quote a well known Marxist on why he changed to the other (conservative) side, “because of the facts”!

  4. "I smell a plant that some old guys wrote on paper that they don't want you to have, so we are going to pull guns on you and put you in a cage"

    Just wait until the "War on Guns" becomes a thing.
    The war on drugs is a complete joke.

  5. This cop is one ignorant fuck. The guy takes off, so he jumps up on the running board, grabs the door, and goes for a ride? Give him his workmen's comp since he risked his life for it. If I was on that review board, I'd deny his claim since his injuries are clearly self-inflicted.

  6. aga gözler falan gitmiş direk sıkacan bunlara yalan yere polisler ölüyor veya yaralanıyorlar. elinde silah var sandım de sık gitsin beynine kim nereden bilecek. abd polisi nihayetinde bir şey olmuyor

  7. Message to YouTube Censors:
    There is nothing inappropriate or insensitive about this video. The video shows what can happen in cases where a person with an extensive criminal arrest record is apprehended by police. The perpetrator almost runs over the police officer. The perp is fortunate he was only shot in the leg and will survive. Had he killed the officer, the prep would likely be convicted of committing murder. The public needs to see the danger that police face almost every day. Getting dangerous criminals off the street is only part of the story. As a police officer keeping a cool head and not overreacting is the other.

  8. Don’t say we need more like him because there are. The MSM just doesn’t report it because it doesn’t fit the narrative if the story can’t be twisted back on the officer/officers.

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