Body Cam Officer Shootout With Suspect Glendale Police Department

#officerinvolvedshooting Glendale, Maricopa County, Arizona —- The Glendale Police Department on Friday released body-camera video from an officer involved shooting that happened shortly after the first of the year 2017.

Officer Anthony Cano was on patrol in the area of 61st and Glendale avenues the morning of Friday, Jan. 20 when he spotted a car that looked like it had been involved in a crash parked along the road.

As Cano approached the small red sedan, he saw somebody lying inside. That person has since been identified as Abel Rodriguez, 29.

It’s a little more than a minute into the clip that bullets fly.

“Upon making contact, Abel Rodriguez produced a firearm he had concealed under his shirt and then fired shots (6) at Officer Anthony Cano,” Sgt. Scott Waite of the Glendale Police Department explained in a news release.

You can hear several shots and see Cano back away from the car as he calls in a “998,” which is the radio code to let everyone know an officer has been involved in a shooting.

A few seconds later there is another shot and you can hear Cano yell, “Get on the ground!”

Waite said Rodriguez then got out of the car and fired another volley at Cano before Cano was able to return fire.

While waiting for backup, Cano warns residents to stay inside their homes. In the background, you can hear Rodriquez screaming as a second police SUV rolls up.

“Do not move. Do not reach for that gun again. Do you understand me?” Cano yelled to Rodriquez.

A second officer can be heard giving Rodriguez commands as more units arrived.

Cano, who was not hurt, shot and wounded Rodriguez. He was treated on the scene by fire personnel and then transported to the hospital in serious condition. after exchanging gunfire with a suspect who fired six shots at him, authorities said.

No one in the neighborhood where the shooting took place was hurt, but one home was grazed by a bullet.

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46 thoughts on “Body Cam Officer Shootout With Suspect Glendale Police Department

  1. Good shoot, but I don’t understand why they’re ordering kids to come out of the house before securing the suspect. If he’s too dangerous to approach, then it’s not safe for the kids.

  2. It really sucks when the suspect makes the choice to shoot at police or attack the police and when the police defend themselves the police get looked at like they’re the bad ones by ignorant idiots who weren’t even there.

  3. Utube has naked ladies on their site for kids to see but God forbid you show a shootout with real life situations that happen and should be shown for educational purposes.. anyway.. and you get demonitzed. Everything is ass backwards these days.

  4. The officer needs more training. Drop your mag and use two hands while operating a firearm. Glock mags are a dime a dozen for the department. Who cares if it gets dinged up while in use.

  5. Prime example of how interference does nothing except delay the idiot getting help. Make the cops worry about you and they will take extra care. Had nobody kept playing pop up from the house he would have had help much sooner.

  6. I've watched a lot of these videos lately and really love your channel but I personally think that this officer is a complete dickbag with the way he handled this situation! He knew that the subject was 1. disarmed and did not render first aid, 2. Why drag the other members of the household out? Isn't it innocent until proven guilty? I think this officer needs to take a long vacation or be retrained in the art of dealing with general public!

  7. It funny the cops worried about the house, a person being in front of a residence or knowing someone at residence doesn't mean you Brandish and point guns at people who are clearly not showing any hostility to the cops they aren't refusing orders from the cops so the cop tripping about the house is a little misplaced.

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