Body Cam: Officer Involved Fatal Shooting On Feb 19 2020 Red Bluff Police Department

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Red Bluff, CA — The Red Bluff Police Department released radio transmissions and body worn cam videos surrounding the officer involved shooting incident which occurred on 02/19/2020 at the Meadow Vista Apartments, 710 Vista Way, Red Bluff. This video is comprised of five different body worn cameras from the officers who where involved in the incident. This video contains graphic language and images. Discretion is advised for children and sensitive viewers.

38-year-old Red Bluff resident Alex Francisco Vazquez was actively being sought by the FBI on a federal warrant for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and was considered to be armed and dangerous.

Red Bluff Police Officers responded to the Meadow Vista Apartment complex due to reports of an altercation.

Officers contacted a man who fit the given description, he began firing shots at officers.

The Red Bluff Police Department said Vazquez shot at officers and was then shot and killed during the incident.

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50 thoughts on “Body Cam: Officer Involved Fatal Shooting On Feb 19 2020 Red Bluff Police Department

  1. Wow. “I’m the one who you shot at Alex, I’m not mad and I accept your apology… now please let me help you” if only every officer was like him instead of treating any and every movement or word as something they need to become enraged & spiteful over. This officer was shot at multiple times and still, genuinely with all of his heart wanted to save that same mans life. That’s what a true “good cop” looks like.

  2. possum?? its called fight or flight, it's an impulse. some of yall pretty damn ignorant or just plain affiliated trollz. first off, mad respect to leos on scene – and negotiator! not sure i've ever seen a lea do like that before…..blowin my mind….looked like they "genuinely" didn't want this guy to die even tho he shot at their Srg.(?)(negotiator?), even came at him KNOWING he was armed – look like they tried to throw a shield on that armed arm -respect, heart goes out to leo who had to shoot, you did your job. I want my tax dollars to go to lea's that are more like this and less like some of them az ones #DanielShaver #RyanWhitaker #redbluffpolicedepartment

  3. What makes things the saddest is not only the guys family has to mourn his passing and those officers have to live with the fact they took a life no matter why or who they have to live with the fact they took a life

  4. I noticed that even after a suspect has been shot multiple times they are laying on the ground near death and the officers keep screaming put your hands in the air roll over I don’t think they’re going to be able to do any of that ! Just sayin

  5. It's funny reading these comments everybody praising the cops! If you ever dealt with Red Bluff PD you know damn well all that "Alex please put the gun down so I can save you…" shit was intentionally and specifically for the camera/record. He is a pretty good actor that cop! Nobody realizes he bleed out for over an hour while the cops sat back like pussies and let him die. Why wait an hour, just to move in anyways? And they could have done more then just shoot him once they already moved in. This city is CROOKED AS FUCK!!!!! And that ain't even the right guy! They are over here shooting this guy while the guy originally called on got away! Smh

  6. Excellent job stopping the threat and ensuring that no officers or innocent bystanders where injured by this guy. The second officer did a remarkable job engaging the suspect, he controlled the entire situation. It's too bad one of the people in those apartment buildings didn't have a rifle laying around ready to go, this situation could have ended a lot faster.

  7. Probably for the best FBI would never get him in Cali they love their murderers. Could save some time and a hell of a lot of money if just sell the west coast to china. They get communism and the rest of the country doesn't have to cover their deficit spending. Everyone wins.

  8. Ok… The advice at 11:05 "Permanent solution to a temporary problem" is the most cliché answer ever and doesn't help in that situation. Fucking hell, it's like telling a depressed person to just "cheer up". This so called "training" is bs. He wasn't a real threat for 90 percent after he got shot. Move the fuck in with a shield.

    16:38 And wtf was this shit? Ffs… Incompetent little shits.

  9. At 6:35 these cops literally are takin cover behind and trash can and a 4 or 5 in pole.. Wtf? Makes u think thats good cover… Clearly not a veteran if its that open with no cover just lay down in prone and make urself as small as possible

  10. If a man came to my house at 1 in the morning banging on the door, he would be greeted by a 40 cal, Pit Bull and an American Dingo. Though he should be more scared of me and the 40 instead of my pups. Momma don't play!

  11. Well… nothing else to say other than a fine job by the officers, thankfully no one else beside the scumbag got hurt!
    And for the woman who opened the door to him: always be careful with late-night door ringers, this could’ve turned out much worse!

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