Body Cam Officer Involed Fatal Shooting at School in Oregon

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Eugene, Oregon -Investigators have released body camera footage that shows the struggle that left a parent dead outside Cascade Middle School earlier this month after the county district attorney determined officers were justified in using deadly force.

Cascade Middle School OIS Investigation, January 11, 2019
Eugene Police
Officer Johns attempted to place Charles Landeros under arrest. Landeros struggled with Officer Johns
and pushed back at Officer Johns. Officer Timm joined Officer Johns in the effort to take Landeros into
custody. Landeros drew a 9mm firearm from a holster on his right hip. Landeros pointed the firearm at
Officer Timm. Officer Timm yelled that Landeros had a gun. Officer Johns continued to struggle with
Landeros in an effort to gain control of his arm and the firearm. Landeros pointed the gun at Officer
Timm a second time and fired two bullets. Those rounds have not been located but the direction of fire
of the first bullet was toward the school and up. Officer Johns yelled for help. Officer Timm fired one
bullet that hit the pavement and skipped toward the parking lot. Officer Timm recognized that the
situation was dangerous and needed to be controlled. Both were in fear of their own death or the death
of other bystanders or students in the area. Officer Johns said he knew that if he let go of Landeros’
hand in the struggle, they were going to be killed. Officer Timm fired one bullet directly at Charles
Landeros, striking Landeros in the temple, which was the cause of death.

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50 thoughts on “Body Cam Officer Involed Fatal Shooting at School in Oregon

  1. More info: On January 9, 2019, at 8:20 p.m., Springfield Police Department was sent a screen shot of a Facebook

    posting in response to a story posted by KEZI. KEZI had posted a news article titled “Man killed by

    Portland Police was legally blind, family says.” There were numerous comments posted. One comment

    was posted by “Charlie Landeros” and read, “Time to start killing pigs.” The manager of SPD’s Facebook

    page thanked the person for making them aware of the post. The person replied indicating the

    Facebook profile identified as “Charlie Landeros” regularly makes statements about “killing cops.”

    On January 11, 2019, about an hour before the incident at Cascade Middle School, SPD received another

    message from a different person that “Charlie Landeros” had posted something on the Springfield

    Facebook page. The morning of January 11th, SPD’s manager of their Facebook page had posted a story

    about a Davis, California Police Department Officer who was shot and killed while investigating a traffic

    crash. The person stated that “Charlie Landeros” commented “Death to all pigs” in a comment to that

    Facebook posting. When the Facebook manager attempted to locate the comment, it had been

    removed. The SPD employee found an account for a “Charlie Landeros”, but it was private. Later that

    day, the Facebook account of “Charlie Landeros” had been deactivated or deleted.

    In 2018, the FBI received information on a tip line that Charles Landeros was posting violent antigovernment messages on social media. The information was referred to the local FBI office, who

    concluded there was insufficient information to substantiate that a crime had been committed.

  2. I live in this town and went to this middle school. Not only that, but I know Office Johns because he was the office on duty that was assigned to my high school, Churchill. Its actually crazy to see a video both from a familiar place as well as familiar faces….glad the officers and bystanders were both ok and the situation was resolved quickly, even though it had to cause the lose of life in the subjects part.

  3. JeZuZ there's so many whackjobs running around — leftists 1000% of the time naturally, they're already mentally ill lunatics hopped up on fuck-knows-how-many 'prescriptions' and this happens, what a shock huh….

    and this was a 'parent' Holy Mother of God are these kids fucked…..

  4. So I live in Eugene – after this happened some artist put this guy as the center piece to a huge downtown mural. It was then subsequently vandalized as this guy obviously isn't a victim of anything.

    That didn't stop the uneducated leftists of the town from getting outraged over it though. They all cried hate crime etc when this happened and when the mural was vandalized. BLM defended him to the ends of the earth until the body cam footage released then they tucked their tails and hid. Pathetic.

  5. Must of been auntqueefa supporter. At first I thought it was Rick Moranis and then realized it was an ignoramus. One, bringing a firearm to a school. Two, pulling a firearm on LE. Three, shooting at LE at point blank range. Thank God the turd is gone. Officers go home safely to families. Happy ending, no one else hurt.

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