21 thoughts on “Body Cam Myrtle Beach felony stop on 2 unarmed women officer Kyle dick

  1. "stuff like this happens all the time?' Umm hey FYI your dealing with peoples rights it better not be all the time or you need to be sued all the time.. Just saying.

  2. I can’t watch it. It makes me too mad. The cops are just purposely playing around with the women when they’re making them get out of the car they know there’s no threat they’re just power tripping and playing with their guns

  3. Another cop … cop out, wonder what they would have said had it been their wife and daughter, This cop is the epitome of incompetence ,, that encounter will scar this young lady for life. She was nano seconds from dying with this stupid mindless excuse for a copper. He should be ‘Stalked’

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