ATTORNEY CALLS ARE FREE – LIES, LIES, LIES.. Accountability For All – Josh Abrams – Amagansett Press

ATTORNEY CALLS ARE FREE – LIES, LIES, LIES.. Accountability For All – Josh Abrams – Amagansett Press – We called the jail today where josh is being held WITHOUT BAIL. Listen to the proof for yourself – THE SCAM CONTINUES…

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23 thoughts on “ATTORNEY CALLS ARE FREE – LIES, LIES, LIES.. Accountability For All – Josh Abrams – Amagansett Press

  1. I literally can not watch any other auditors other than amagansette press and watching the watchmen. there the only two who do auditing for the right reasons, there respectful, intelligent, and articulate. the rest of these guys don't really care about our constitution or our freedoms. there thugs with criminal records looking to get revenge on the police. they give all auditors a bad name…

  2. Dude I get that the law might say attorney calls are free but it's not true! You yourself said you've never been in jail. Well guess what I have and he's actually telling the truth there 9/10 jails dont give a shit about following the rules that say calls and mail to legal are supposed to be free or they'll try to get around this by saying that u can request 2 envelopes a week with stamps if you submit a form that no one tells you about unless you are lucky enough to get a inmate who knows how the jail works! You need to understand how bad rights violations are in jails. No one gives 2 shits about what happens to people who they assume are criminals and what's really fucked is county jails (where most people are not even convicted but being held for court so are supposed to be assumed innocent) are usually much worse then state prisons and federal prisons…. maybe you should look into what really goes on in your local jails

  3. Saw Josh's video straightening out the supposed lies about lawyer calls. Seems this video is a bunch of shit since Josh explains how Amagansett is the one who is a liar. To think I started to like this guy Jason. Not good dude, not good!

  4. Lawyers are trash and liars no one will even touch my case even though I have the evidence and paper work that a business I worked for owes me $1500 but no I can't get help or have the money to be filing BS everywhere because now I'm financially ruined, no such thing as justice anymore anyways a business can just steal and rip people off and get away with it and the only cases lawyer are interested in are those cases where people cry sexual harassment it's fucking bullshit we are all just cattle now.

  5. Josh tells millions of little half-truths and lies as he spins his tales of bullshit and utters non-answers. For example, he will quickly say “it’s in the video” after describing some event he claims happened. 10 out of 10 times, there is no video or the video doesn’t show what Josh described. But because he tells soooooo many lies it’s imposible to verify all the things he claims as he uses his “verbal-jujitsu” to lay down the con. When he can’t explain something by lying, he lies about why he can’t give you an answer or “details,” like he does when described his criminal history. He operates on multiple levels of bullshit…a true master.

  6. Let's have a chat on the phone. I have receipts from securus. Calls to my lawyer 2.65 to connect and .25 cents a minute after that. I have RECEIPTS for everything. So if we are going to address this let's get the facts now that I'm out!

  7. Great job Amagansett Press. I know that doing these videos is a thankless job, and you essentially get nothing out of it but for the pleasure of educating. However, if I may, I think on videos such as this one, it would be immensely helpful to provide some context, maybe with some overlaid text that explains some logical order. Thanks again!

  8. Be ready to make that apology soon in front of a church on your knees, funny how I have been in jail, haven’t met you and yet you have done videos claiming I am a scammer, which is not true while I have been in jail? If HTTG was going to scam, don’t you think she would of kept on asking for money? And not thank everyone as soon as she received the generous donations to post bail as my attorney at the time advised bail WOULD BE?! Obviously you don’t know what the system is like when your on the inside. I would hope you never have to experience it, that said, it’s not a vacation and do you really think the same tyrants we audit all of a sudden are honest when your in their house?!

    Thanks though for your support, we will do an interview when I am out and all your questions will be answered. HTTG & I are not scammers. For now, that’s why I stopped by today.

    To my real supporters, thank you!

  9. Yet his loyal base of muppets somehow still support him. It's hilarious to watch. The longer he spends time in prison, the cleaner the streets are. This has been great. The amazing thing is, that when he does get out I am 100% confident that his arrogance will land him right back in. He'll say something stupid, or slip up. He can't help himself.

  10. Calling your lawyer while locked up is not FREE and easy like one would think or believe. When you are inside the jail you can call some lawyers offices free if they have everything set up to accept free calls through whatever call system that jail is using. Most of the time this is not the case and you have to get someone on the outside to make those calls or you have to use your mins to call them which means they cost money just like every other call. Also for everyone passing judgment on this man for his previous arrest record or criminal history is shameful and against what everyone stands for in this community. If people or friends based how they treat me or what they think of me solely on my arrest record or criminal record i would be in a world of shit because i have a previous arrest record and i have a criminal record but that doesn't mean shit in this day and age. All of these first amendment auditors and cop watchers always resort to saying shit like "He is a convicted felon or he/she has a criminal arrest record so you should listen to them" but then they upload a video talking about how crooked the cops are and how they will lie cheat steal your shit the very next day. Make your minds up people, Just because someone has a criminal history doesn't 100% mean they ever did anything that they were accused of, cops lie and people are arrested each and every day for crimes they did not commit and most of the times people plea out to charges for stuff they did not do just to get things over with and move on with their lives so judging someone based on that info alone is wrong and just stupid if you ask me.

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