Air Force Police Illegally Detain Photographers

Two photographers were taking pictures from across the street of Los Angeles Air Force base when police detained them.

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49 thoughts on “Air Force Police Illegally Detain Photographers

  1. How fucking annoying is that??? Am I being detained? Police: No. Okay I'll continue on my way. Police: Now you're being detained. WTF????

    You were not being detained for any reason. Now your being detained???… For not being detained? Cops sound like Who's on First (from Abbot and Costello)

  2. If you act like a dick to a cop he has the authority to question you for acting suspicious under a code red meaning anything from a theft to a gunman in the location of the base so you treating them with no respect when they are only trying to do their jobs to uphold the law then you need to get the fuck out of America we don't want you if you treat those who keep you safe

  3. Stop felony breaching my peace ,committing treason and aggravated kidnapping, sworn servants, only warning before I start billing YOU personally…YOU will not like the bill scumbag….
    Anything else traitors?

  4. just say .. oh im suspicious then charge me with being suspicious and ill see you in court ill even pose with a suspicious look for your case ill do that eyebrow thing like the rock does . lol . suspicious has to be backed with suspicion of what crime not just suspicious like its a fashion statement , why dont they just charge you with being provocative or dangerous looking

  5. First officer couldn't keep up with his tongue he ran off at the mouth when he said detain then couldn't think of a reason steroids has effects on the brain as well as other body parts a bit to gung ho attack first ask questions later

  6. Sorry but, US Supreme Court rulings trump military rules, especially off base….unless Martial Law has been declared.

    I had a personal experience with a N.P.G.S. guard in Monterey, Ca. I was driving on a public road outside of the gate. Fortunately, I knew who to call. After a few minutes, he was fired on the spot by his supervisor. His appeal was denied.

    Their authority ends at the fence!

  7. They have no Legal Authority outside of the Bases Perimeter, so this Stop was Illegal. If they wanted to make it Legal, they would have had to contact the Local Police or Sheriff's Department to make the initial stop.

  8. I love how the police officers huddle later…I wonder what they were saying….hmmm….choice "A"…wow we really should have not stopped these guys and honored their constitutional right to video in public…or "B"…is there anything we can charge them with????

  9. "I am trying to find out who you are"….really? So you can stop any motorist or person walking down the street and say i want to find out who you really are? Sounds like nazi germany to me where I have to surrender my papers for walking or riding down the street…this is how it began there…do you want it to begin here? I love the argument from others who say that if you have nothing to hide then you should just show your id. WRONG! go check out some police videos of people consenting to searches to find the police planted evidence…do you want that? I do not nor will i allow it.

  10. Okay for the last time…..PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME…don't stop me, don't approach me…don't ask me to turn my camera off…Don't tell me I am not detained and when I try to leave you say that I am….quote the law, honor your oath…and if you cant do that then get rid of the badge you are wearing….you don't deserve to possess it if you can not defend the publics right to record in public….if i want to take pictures of the air force base, i can and i will from a public place. if you do not want me to take pictures then construct a wall so that i cant. but for the love of GOD,,,please stop trying to violate my constitutional rights that as an air force officer i defended for 23 years. You guys need to go to BLET and they need to test you on this material….don't try to employ intimidation tactics…if you do so i will hold you accountable in a criminal and CIVIL law suit….just respond to any complaint that they have a right to do so. Stop wasting my taxpayer dollars by coming out to investigate me…….GEEEZ!

  11. As a cop in the Air force I can explain this better.

    First, these 2 cops are contractors hired by the government to assist us with law enforcement. They are not actually in the Air Force.
    Second, Regardless of filming on base or filming off base you WILL get stopped and talked to you because we have a duty to ensure that bad people (terrorists) aren't filming the base for informational purposes. 

    That black cop was stupid for saying "Now you're being detained" unless you were trying to leave.. Depending on the base, if you tried to leave, he has EVERY right/authority to detain you because you might have video recording of the base. Also i guess it isn't widely known but most bases have agreements with the outside city/state to detain/arrest off-base personal if the suspected crime or action involves the physical base. You could be "detained" by them but you would be handed off to civilian law enforcement. 

    Please also understand law enforcement on base operate under some different rules, rules that aren't always accessible to the public. They don't legally have to show you any Identification showing they are cops, that thing they wear on there chest that looks like a badge, that's there authority. Also you filming the base IS the probable cause to be stopped. 

    These guys are contractors and seem to be bad at their job and job knowledge.. but did they do anything wrong in terms of stopping you and questioning you? Nope.

  12. Great job. Thank you for taking the risk of flexing your basic American and human freedoms. I am kind of thinking about no longer speaking to police period. The talking needs to be done with your politicians and courts. There needs to be stricter penalties for officers who violate the law. There needs to be better police training and more constitutional education in schools. Keep it up.

  13. Why is it in just about every single video like this, as soon as the cop is asked "Are we being detained?" they don't answer the question, put their hand up and start talking on the radio? Standard training?

  14. imagine finding @Tom Zebra randomly on an "illegally detained by police" search. that would be reason enough to like and subscribe, but this was an awesome audit. so yea, liked and subscribed.

  15. It's almost like if they get enough ID's, they win a set of steak knives…how can people that don't have a close relationship with the law or the Constitution be carrying badges??

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