A Miami Cop That Shouldn’t Be a Cop Anymore

At the end of the recent apprehension of a suspect in possession of a stolen vehicle, a Miami police officer decided to disgrace the badge with actions that set those of us back fighting for the perception of officers that’s accurate and not the minority of actions of a those who don’t understand what that badge actually means.

This video was thrown together fast but hopefully worth your time and is another one in the bank for those who say I’m afraid to call out bad cops πŸ™‚

Those who complain that he’s suspended “with pay” just remember you’d want due process for him as much as the bad guy on the ground, so chill.

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Author: rafael.nieves


40 thoughts on “A Miami Cop That Shouldn’t Be a Cop Anymore

  1. Definitely not a good look for our department. We have a department full of great officers who go above and beyond to help out our community. We are ashamed that we have to deal with this situation, but let it be known that we ARE dealing with it. The Chief has taken immediate action and the investigation is moving very quickly. As a guy who is proud to showcase our amazing officers and their efforts, this incident def sucks. Alright guys, much love and stay safe ✌️

  2. he should be arrested, but what about the other ones that were there too? Why didn't they do anything to him? I think that there should be consequences for them too if they didn't have a problem with it.

  3. Mike, thank you for having the moral courage to call out bad cops without (stupidly) jumping on the "all cops bad" bandwagon. Too many good cops choose silence and temporary blindness when had cops act. "The Thin Blue Line" means a blue wall of silence to too many non-cops looking in at police abuses. It makes me very glad to see that it means "cover-up" less and less often in recent days.

    But there have always been good cops taking a stand against bad cops. According to my dad, my grandfather, an ex-Detroit motor cop in the 20s-30s, often complained about the bad cops he had worked with. Too many cops then could have been Capone's enforcers. (Prohibition and the Great Depression gave a lot of bad apples a chance to work both sides of the law.) He was doom on bad cops while he was mayor of a small a Detoilet suburb in later years.

  4. I know I'm late but he was def trying to make it look like an accident when it wasn't! "I tried jumping over his head to help hold him (even though he was still) and tripped! Swear was accident"! You know that's his defense! At least be a man and square up with out the cuffs on and your two boys helping! Good call Mike! Peace

  5. So Mike prove you really against police acting this way. Do a video on what happened to the man who got kicked and what happened to the police officer that did the kicking, oh yeah and the cops that didn't arrest the cop that did the kicking. So Mike just like when we were kids, I double dog dare you

  6. In my humble opinion the true disgrace are the three other cops who didn't immediately arrest the cop that kicked. People say all cops aren't bad if that's true show me the video of a cop abusing someone and another cop arresting him. So which one of the cops is the good one

  7. Well Mike the Cop,
    The cop doing the kicking isn't the only peice of shit in that video..
    Why dont you point out the good cops in that video?
    There are none… A good cop would have immediately put handcuffs on that punk cop. But as you know so well Mike
    the Cock, that "Thin Blue Line" gets in the way doesnt it? There's only one reason officer shit stain will get his paid vacation. All becouse of those damn cameras.
    Mike the corrupt cop how do corrupt cops like being held accountable?

  8. i wonder why the other cops didnt remove the offending officer from the scene immediatley and report to their supervisor? I wonder what it takes for a cop to interfere with another cop in the line of duty?

  9. I may not be True Blue, but Im at least Sky Blue in Water Colors Blue (not law enforcement, but fully support law enforcement) but, yeah, absolutely, I agree that this one was way way out of line

  10. I had a guy that fat and resisted me for about five minutes. My back up took their sweet ass nature time getting there and didn’t want to do anything until I had him coughed. Then he thought you wanted to help by kicking my prisoner in the ribs after I already had him handcuffed. I came unglued on him right in front of everybody for doing that.! I’m tired of these assholes making us all Look bad

  11. BS about good cops.
    Which one of the "good" cops on scene who witnessed the arrestee assault alerted higher command?
    Oh, yeah, none.
    So I guess the group here were all bad. Gee, like what are the odds of that?

  12. Mike… I know that the McNamara is about a mile long so I love how you haven't even reached the center of the concourse by the time you finished the vid πŸ˜‚. And about the vid… sad to see a .1%er making the 99.9% of officers look terrible. This is the stuff that makes the news, not that story about an officer who adopts a baby that he found walking the beat.

  13. Wait a minute.
    Where are the good cops reporting this abuse? I thought Mikey said 99% of cops are good. Where are they? You mean we have four 1% bad cops together here? What are the odds?

  14. The fact is, not enough "good cops" call out the "bad cops". That's seems to be the biggest problem people have with law enforcement right now. People have to obey the law or suffer the consequences (don't break the law and you have nothing to fear from the cops), yet cops don't seem to be under the same standard (the thin blue line).

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