4th amendment violation caught on camera! Parking lot pirate!

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Author: rafael.nieves


47 thoughts on “4th amendment violation caught on camera! Parking lot pirate!

  1. It's true I seen them put chalk on tires before in another state I can't think of where but I remember them doing that and yes that is what they doing so it's not silly trust me it's serious because that's what they doing they generate money to keep track of the people that they put the truck tires on to issue my citation on parking

  2. They have done that for donkeys years in Australia no real big deal , they do it in case you say you have moved & come back the chalk clearly shows if you have moved or not , hardly tracking anyone, gre man go film cops , no one likes parking cops I get it . But really ?

  3. "white chalky substance", yeah it's called chalk. Making it sound like he's planting cocaine or something the way you talk. And then you go on to say that the chaulk is a "device". Give me a break!. yes this is how code enforcement proves a violation. Here's a great idea… follow the rules don't break the law don't break city code and you'll have no problem. Why don't you push that message. this is so stupid.

  4. Traffic cops have been chalking parked cars' tires for at least 60 years that I know of. And you're in the 11th Circuit, so what some other court decided is moot. Why do you want to make it easier for people to park illegally? Don't like parking laws, change them. But until then, we enforce all laws or we might as well just live in anarchy.

  5. Enforcing that judgement will not make them work harder. in fact it will let them work less, because the taxpayers or people parking will be buying automated number plate reader systems that will fine everyone that parks illegally. Just don't overstay your limit. Other people need those parking spots too.

  6. What is there to prevent anyone from nailing a wet sponge to a stick, following the Pirate Fat Jack around and washing the chalk marks off the tires?

  7. Where i live if a ticket is issued by a parking ticket is issued by a private parking enforcement company we do not have to pay as they have absolutly no legal recourse to collect the parking fines. I know this as a fact as i have had many tickets issued to me over the past 20 years and to this day not one of them had been paid.

  8. I had no idea that this was done to tires and am surprised at how many people have commented thst it's gone on for decades. Living rural had its advantages.

  9. I’d rather have a cop chalk my tire than photograph my license plate and create a database of where I have been and for how long.

  10. That judgment only affects states in the 6th. Florida is not included. It does not preclude a suit within your area using that decision as a linchpin in your argument. It's not illegal bottom line. At least in your area.

  11. Stillwater, Oklahoma does this still, also. AND they are very prompt returning in an hour to write that $10 ticket! Lots of money to be made from university students and restaurant customers.

  12. I remember Windsor Ontario across from Detroit the cops use to clean one headlight on cars in parking lots near the bars so it one was clean so they knew the car was parked downtown and target those cars

  13. Many years ago I came an ace of kicking a KY cop in the face over that. I am at a strip bar and had a need for some air so I wander out, go to light a smoke and could not find my lighter. I had one in my truck so out into the dark parking lot I go. I come around the front of my truck to see a figure crouched down beside it.
    Thinking I am about to be attacked I rare back with my steel toed boot intending to take the head off my attacker when, as he begins to stand up, I see the glint of a badge. I check the kick and there he stands with a piece of chalk in his hand having just marked my tire. Jamming on the adrenaline (and alcohol) I proceed to give him a right good cussing and explaining how close he just came to being killed. The punk just walked off.
    Needless to say, I informed everyone in the bar, and everyone I knew, to watch for chalk marks on their tires. DUI's from that bar dropped to near zero.

  14. I love the parking enforcement because I don't want people using the parking lot that works elsewhere and trying to avoid parking fees

  15. In Erie County NY and parts of Niagara County they do this in bar parking lots. But on outside of tire…….so they can see it when you pass them while they park on side of road.

  16. The decision in the 6th Circuit has no bearing in Florida. The same decision has to be made in the 11th District, which Florida is in, or in the Supreme Court in order for it to be in effect in Florida.

  17. Currently applies to the 6th federal district and only four states. Another appellate court could issue a different ruling if a case such as this arose in that district. A different ruling could send the case to the Supreme Court for a final decision as confusion over the issue would occur. The USSC ruling about chalk seems a bit ridiculous.

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