You’re Detained Until I Can Figure Out Why To Detain You – Tucson Police


Crow Adventures YouTube Channel

James Freeman voice over on a video of Crow Adventures being detained by Sergeant Buchanan at Tucson Police a Substation. Sergeant Buchanan articulates multiple times that the only reason for the stop and detention is that she is concerned with the gentleman recording police officers from a public space. She they trys to take his baton, and then detains him in hand cuffs for about 10 minutes while she “figures out what’s going on.”

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44 thoughts on “You’re Detained Until I Can Figure Out Why To Detain You – Tucson Police

  1. since when is handcuffed and moved NOT AN ARREST?? detention means u cant leave… she's physically moving him from the place he was detained at to somewhere else.. kidnapping?

  2. You have a baton and I need it for my safety, never mind the fact she has a gun, probably a taser and pepper spray. But she's worried about a baton. If she's that afraid then she needs backup to a safe distance or better still she needs another job. "I'm just going to detain you until I figure what's going on." Sorry but the last time I checked you need to be committing a crime, are about to commit a crime or have committed a crime, other than that she's in the wrong. And, when they say a crime has been reported, they are just making shit up.

  3. And you wonder why the police is hated so bad. They do whatever they want and get away with it that's why they keep doing it they are not being held accountable for their actions

  4. I want to see the steps to take to resolve this and not stay the victim. I want to see step by step on how to stand up for ourselves. I want to see it all the way to the officers consequences and what the resolution is for the officer that did wrong

  5. No laws are being broken. So she detained him for obvious lawful activity. When the cuffs went on and she illegally denied his freedom of movement, that was a kidnapping. FOIA request the supposed trespassing report and sue for violation of 1st and 4th Amendment rights. That stupid rotten C-Nut should go blank herself. This is why cops are now so universally hated. Film cops relentlessly.

  6. No that officer has lost her immunity the lawsuit that’s going to come she will have to pay for the cost and the city will not back her up

  7. Why did she assault that cameraman why does she think she doesn’t allow people to film in public is she completely stupid she obviously didn’t get a job through education, but that’s what they do Blue Mafia EARNING THE HATE the world is Watching

  8. There have been multiple settlements for these situations. Hopefully we'll find out how much how much he gets. The old, we got a call lie.

  9. Notice at no point in time these two officers did not think they should put their mask on not even b4 the encounter what if they had covid and had to couch or sneeze for what ever reason then they keep touching the man so so dangerous

  10. He is harassing people who have a tough job. That don’t need to be threatened further by strange behavior. You are attempting to generate money by the abuse of these officers that are already under plenty of stress without your stunts. Seems like you are a bully and a lowlife. Let’s put you under pressure force you to act kind while I increase your stress by harassing you then edit your responses and call you bag of hammers. Not cool. Not kind, Not honest.

  11. It's amazing how people make these videos to educate officers and they still don't know the law. If they got a call that means we can pull it up by requesting the police blotter and or the calls. She did not articulate that he was trespassing when she made the initial contact. She articulated that he was filming in a public area and that's what he was detained. She made a false arrest and I hope the officer wrote in the report that someone called and he was trespassing so he could be charged with a bunch of different crimes for writing a false police report

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