Bodycam Video of Man With Knife Shot by Deputies in East LA

* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) *
East Los Angeles, California — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released body camera video of the fatal deputy shooting of 34-year-old David Ordaz Jr. the day after his family filed a lawsuit against the county. David Ordaz Jr. was shot and killed in East Los Angeles on the afternoon of March 14 after family members called for help during an incident in which the man was holding a kitchen knife. Body-camera footage of the shooting appear to show Ordaz, after being hit with non-lethal rounds, turning to flee down the sidewalk. Deputies allege Ordaz lunged at them, prompting lethal force, according to the complaint for wrongful death and civil rights violations. At least 10 rounds were fired, including a single shot fired immediately after the flurry of gunfire had stopped and Ordaz was lying face up on the sidewalk, holding his shoulder.

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0:00 – 911 Call
5:35 – Bodycam Footage of OIS

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Bodycam Video of Man With Knife Shot by Deputies in East LA

  1. You have less that lethal. Bean bag the shiat out of this guy. This could have been a completely different outcome.

  2. WTF is the point of deploying non-lethal if you’re just gonna go overkill with lethal. LAPD and LASD are scum! Most corrupt in the country. Bunch a trigger happy vatos with badges is all they are. I got a ‘ol buddy from junior high-high school that’s LASD. ALDO, if you’re watching this, u know this shits fucked up and hope u don’t ever execute someone with mental illness like these scumbags did!

  3. I bet this "i haven't showered in a few days" line when he was on the phone line with the cops & his sister was crucial in his killing 😉 Cops just didn't like the smell

  4. Suicidal? Let us SERVE you. All joking aside. Why did no one riot, loot or burn down local business. There was obviously no threat as he laid down on his back and then was shot in the head… oh my bad I'm color blind. Just heard he was white

  5. tazers and bean bags do one thing …. make a person enter into fight or flight bc they NEVER ALMOST NEVER EVER WORK AS EXPECTED… was a done deal when he said he srg…cool if i get this party stated with a bean bag? lol

  6. That execution shot at the end was just dumb. I really like police and I back the blue, but this was just straight out murder. Especially if he aims for the head.
    And I think that these cases are putting the bad light on the police, because one officer can ruin the image of the entire department.
    Just sad. I really like the men in blue, but this is was just murder.

  7. Just the few shots necessary to drop the body were sufficient. The rest was stupid or adrenaline based and not in balance with the suicidal force he could've administered to himself.

  8. I love it man. "We're not here to shoot you dude we're just tryna help you out…" all while pointing a gun at him. I get that ppl with knives can close distance in a short time, but these guys have vests, multiple people, non lethal options… I at least wish they would talk without a gun while the person is just standing there pacing, and then try less than lethal. So many times it's just grab gun HEY DROP THE KNIFE DROP THE KNIFE DROP THE KNIFE x50 that never does anything. They never simply talk to these people, and the less than lethal always seems to trigger lethal as well. At least see if the taser is effective at first. I'm sorry I know I will get crap for this but it seems cops honestly just have an itchy trigger finger a lot of the time and the excitement of killing someone outweighs trying to help them. You can hear it in their voices when they're giving commands, it's like "Don't do it… but please make my day" I know it's screwed up but that's the way I feel

  9. Apologists are trying to justify the delayed execution shot as ND. He'd already been hit 8 times including 6 in the back after he was already on the ground posing no threat. Then to cap it off they fire their execution shot. They can't use their normal escape tactics as he only had a kitchen knife. 1st degree murder charges for the officers involved here, death penalty case for final execution shot is warranted .

  10. Should be few officers facing felony murder charges. 6-7 more shots at close range when melee weapon holder is on the ground and one even more blatant execution shot at the end.

  11. Wow. In a situation like this how come tasers weren’t used . the last cop what shot like wtf. police wonder why nobody trusts them prime example on why.

  12. Even if the first few shots were justified, there were way too many shots fired after he was already down and not a threat.

  13. This is East L.A., why didn't they send a social worker? A fat over weight middle aged social worker. He would have definitely listened to one of those.

  14. Knife was dropped after multiple shots . Clenching his arms together from the pain, yet you took a solid second or two to end his life with a fatal shot. Smh

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