You dont like us

I had to keep the title PG but yeah, Officer Maynard had the funny idea that i don’t like the police- not the case…I try to keep it as friendly as possible when dealing with the police. If they give me a reason to be bitter – thats unfortunate for them- but just so we are all clear- so you viewers who are upset I’m so ‘nice’/’giggly’ -I am walking those not so safe streets recording the police ALONE, I am not trying to make enemies where they are not needed…..Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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50 thoughts on “You dont like us

  1. I like it when you make that swoosh sound!! I mean the way it changes the frame of the taping or filming or you know what I’m trying to say!! Stay safe and check your six once n a while.!!

  2. Yes, your attitude is spot on. Police are necessary evils. Who else can you call?
    I believe your bad-ass presense it what keeps you safe. I know that I sure as shit wouldn't want to earn your contempt.

  3. Laura, (officer tubby)im gonna act like a lil teenie weenie baby and not share my toys with you wahhh.

  4. Laura this Cop was acting like a nervous six-year-old that just took a shit in his own bed! lol Ither that or he was squirreling away a half gallon of piss that he desperately needed to get rid of! tee hee hee

  5. I love honorable sworn servants, I have absolute and utter contempt for treasonous habitually lying traitor felons with badges, which most of YOU prove yourselves to be… your actions, lawlessness and treason.
    Why would I like habitually lying traitors, that cover for each others lies and felonies?…..

  6. no such thing as nice police or a good cop
    they are fuggin criminals period extorting the poor on a daily basis forcing fuggin codes on people that dont apply even dirtier than pigs'''' they are pure vermine ' no matter how they calll it

  7. I saw your video on Tom Zebra channel. I like your video quality and nightvision, looks awesome. Your personality and demeanor is cool.

  8. There is nothing wrong with being personable to them. IMO you are changing THEIR policing to be more in line with people's rights. They know they can be captured anytime they step outside the law and that's a good thing. I believe the idea isn't to hate cops, but to get them to follow the law and respect the citizens and their rights. They may not like you for it, but you're making Harbor Patrol a better unit.

  9. Maynard's body language was so uncomfortable to watch. Is he just shy or did he have to shit real real real bad?

  10. That was an awesome lesson girl! I think they "might" have learned something! Well done! Much love from SW Florida!

  11. What's to like about the police, when they are constantly arrogant, power tripping, and never living up to the words on the side of their patrol vehicles? Who are they serving, and who are they protecting? Certainly not the citizenry! Keep teaching them the law honey! No one else will. Free rent via the "police" !

  12. OMG where does your liking them come into there job? LIke who gives a fuck if we like em or not? THeir job is not a popularity contest their job is to uphold the law…. and not break it…. because they break the law… Awwwwww we dont like them because they have special authority to break the law they take others to jail for FUCK THEM! No I dont like police, so fucking what , They need to stop fucking with people and do their freacking jobs like normal fucking people instead an begging for blowjobs as they beat people up. Their is a BIG REASON why they dont get clean food. And if your cop….this is my polite advice. never share that with anyone in the food industry. Not at a five star restaurant and not at McDonalds you've earned your hate police.

  13. You have been a victim of a crime, haven't you? Haven't you been unlawfully detained?
    Also, what's this shit about "it's dangerous out here?" So what the cop is saying is that they don't actually protect anything if it's dangerous. My house isn't dangerous. Do you know why? Because I fucking ACTUALLY protect it. Police don't do shit.

  14. People hate bully cops, People hate Cops that shake down innocent people. People hate Cops that lie on reports to cover another cops actions. We hate the Thin Blue Line.

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