36 thoughts on “You Be The Judge – Appropriate Use and Level of Force By Police ?

  1. It’s such a double standard with the police because they get away with the very shit you or I get arrested for! What ever happened to the days when police officers were men and not cowards? Three big strong men to take down one frail old lady.

  2. 1. No officer should lack in having at least a 6 year degree in law.
    2. No officer shall be hired below the age of 25.
    3. All officer shall work the neighborhood in which they live.
    4. An open $100,000 reward should be given to any officer who would turn over criminal police working on their force/department. This should lead to an arrest and conviction.
    5. All police shall work without the use of deadly weapons. If deadly weapons should need to be implimented, a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) could then be deployed to scene.

    This will lead to only the best, highly dedicated and responsible people to take up the duty of safeguarding our public. The ones who actually want to be police for the RIGHT reaaons.

  3. That gets me so fucking upset… Takes 3 cops to take her down or even arrest her… Thats just insane to me…these are public servants that we pay are hard earned money to protect and serve SMH…

  4. Excessive force to the ground for an old lady that couldn't have hurt any of them in her prime. Just a bunch of thugs beating on a woman again. Boy they must get a good sleep knowing they kept the city safe again.

  5. I guess there are no female officers in that department, this whole thing went down in under 5 minutes. Couldn't call for a female officer to assist? Might have de-escalated the situation to the point of not getting violent on either side….

  6. I love the let them be comments, it's all good til it's in your front yard. That should be your yard stick. How you would want police to handle someone in your front yard. Is your yard the new KOA?

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