Yanis Varoufakis: We are living in a post-capitalist dystopia

From the push to turn more of the workforce into precarious “gig workers” to the ways profit-seeking digital platforms condition how we act and think while extracting free data from us, we can see and feel everyday the creeping evidence that we are living in a new reality. As world-renowned Greek economist, author, and politician Yanis Varoufakis argues, “This is how capitalism ends: not with a revolutionary bang, but with an evolutionary whimper. Just as it displaced feudalism gradually, surreptitiously, until one day the bulk of human relations were market-based and feudalism was swept away, so capitalism today is being toppled by a new economic mode: techno-feudalism.”

In their latest interview for TRNN, co-hosts of THIS IS REVOLUTION Jason Myles and Pascal Robert speak with Varoufakis about how this “techno-feudalist” system emerged, what sets it apart from the global capitalist system that preceded it, and what it will mean for humanity if we don’t stop it. Yanis Varoufakis formerly served as the finance minister of Greece and is currently the secretary general of MeRA25, a left-wing political party in Greece that he founded in 2018. He is a professor of economics at the University of Athens and the author of numerous books, including The Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the Future of the Global Economy and Another Now: Dispatches from an Alternative Present.

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20 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis: We are living in a post-capitalist dystopia

  1. I had dinner with others of the Student Activities Program Board of Monroe Community College with Gene Roddenberry. I got to at least take some measure of the man. At the time I was studying Andy Warhol whom I brought up in the dinner conversation. He did not care for Mr. Warhol. He had little interest in other men but was very interested in women. He had wanted the original Captain Kirk to be a woman. This original aim was later achieved in the subsequent iterations of Star Trek. All of Star Trek, at least while the producer director Gene Roddenberry was alive was based on stories of Greek Mythology.

  2. No single person on social media is as accurate, honest and has the integrity that Varafoukis has. Especially in revealing the techno feudal system about to take over our globe 👍✌️

  3. "the machine trained by you so that the system , this cloud based system can train you to want what the manufacturing capacity of that same machine wants you to buy", can somebody help me out, i cant really grasp that, why buy? what does he mean in that last phrase?

  4. If you have ever organized for unions you understand thoroughly his discussion of race and class neglected by the American left. The reminder about Stalin attacking communists was SAVAGE. Thank you for using your voices to address life on the rent level and representing the position of black and brown folk as we endeavor. 😎🤲🙏💪

  5. What escapes most economists: They never explain clearly and honestly how we got the Crisis because of people like US Imperialism and UK Imperialism that plundered Greece of trillions of dollars and never paid it back. Yet, you talk about inequality in Capitalism? Explain how to get out of Imperialism. Because, you can't have any banks and politicians or democracy with Germans plundering Europe and the British plundering the world and the Americans plundering every one. [ It's not rocket science ]. It's rocket suicide, indeed.

  6. An important point, for anyone that is a little confused why a deficit nation can't control the system like a surplus nation can: the definition of nation here is not singular. Net Surplus means net production, means the few controlling the many. Net Deficit means net consumption, means the many controlling the few. When Kissinger, 21:45, talks about 'we', he means the few, the american government. With a surplus nation, the few (government and CEOs) can direct production to increase or decrease, therefore manipulating the amount of dollars people are buying, to then buy american things. In a deficit nation, those people cannot control the exchange rate in such a way, because their mechanism for controlling the price of things is gone.

  7. Whenever you do that next discussion of star wars against star treck he will quote from star wars " material needs dont exist anymore". He will present that as socialism, leaving you to think that material needs where met by a combination of abundancy and fair distribution. But usually in science fiction that implies rather a dna modification. It is not like food is produced , it is like the body doesent need food. Also ask him about his advocacy of one world government and his friendship with G.Soros. Yanis is currently an unresigned MP in a country that forces you to put in your self something that should it harm you new law says there is noone to blame.

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