Woman Carrying Concealed Gun Arrested at TSA Checkpoint

ORLANDO, FL — On November 18, 2020, just before 7:00 pm, Orlando Police Officer James Ruhl was stationed at Orlando International Airport’s West Security Checkpoint when he was summoned by Supervisory Transportation Security Officer Veronica Bell to the X-ray machine of lane #10, operated by Transportation Security Officer (“TSO”) Selena De Grijze. TSO De Grijze was new to the job and was being trained by TSO Ladawn Stevens. The training was more eventful than anyone had planned.

TSO De Grijze told Officer Ruehl that she had observed, via the X-ray machine, a handgun inside of a gold ladies handbag. Officer Ruhl glanced at the X-ray machine monitor and confirmed the unmistakable silhouette of a pistol. The following is from the report of Officer Ruhl, lightly edited for clarity:

I removed the gold ladies handbag from the plastic container on the belt, which is the bag that Witness De Grijze stated was the bag containing the alleged handgun. I walked toward the end of the lane and observed a white female, who was later identified as suspect Samantha Sberna, standing near the end of the lane opposite of me. She appeared to be concerned about the bag I was carrying. She stated she forgot she had a firearm in her handbag. She handed me her New Hampshire driver license upon my request. I searched inside the handbag and located the firearm in the center compartment. I also located other items inside the handbag with the suspect’s name on them. The suspect stated she had a valid concealed weapon permit in the state of New Hampshire, however she did not have it in her possession. Officer J. Givens arrived to assist me, and walked with the suspect into the OPD office for processing of this case.

I ran the suspect on teletype for warrants via my police radio. I requested verification of the suspect’s claim that she had a concealed weapons
permit in the state of New Hampshire. Teletype advised the suspect did not have any active warrants and she did not have a concealed
weapons permit in New Hampshire. We ran criminal history and the suspect does not appear to have any felony convictions.

I removed a black Glock model 43, 9mm, from the center compartment of the gold handbag. There was a magazine containing (5) rounds inside the handgun’s magazine well, and there was a round chambered. The handgun appeared fully functional capable of expelling projectile through the use of an explosion.

The TSA checkpoint is a sterile area within OIA, where firearms are prohibited. There are signs posted at the entrance to the TSA screening area, that warns anyone entering the checkpoint that firearms are prohibited.

The listed firearm, magazine and six (6) rounds of ammunition were placed into OPD Property and Evidence reference this case number. Witnesses Bell, Stevens and De Grijze submitted sworn written statements and they will testify in court.

OFC P. Owen (34447) assisted with evidence packaging and obtaining statements from the witnesses. OFC J. Jones (11682) managed the
suspect while I processed this case.

I advised SGT S. Stites (15336) of the incident and the decision was made to arrest the suspect for carrying a concealed firearm, a third-degree felony.

*Note: this video presents all of the events captured on body-worn camera.





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21 thoughts on “Woman Carrying Concealed Gun Arrested at TSA Checkpoint

  1. The felony was reduced to a misdemeanor, but not only that. She was given a pre-trial diversion program, which means she will be on probation until she completes the probation requirements. Probably only 3 months or so, then, if she does complete it, the charges will be dropped and IT WONT be on her record… that’s good for her

  2. "I dont know any state where you can conceal carry a weapon without a license so that's some misinformation out there."

    Bruh doesnt know what its like to be in a free state. Any NH resident can conceal carry a firearm without a permit.

  3. Every single 2020 YT video showing conversations occurring between people wearing face masks should be taken down and destroyed forever. You cannot have AI (Artificial Intelligence) at it's current level of maturity AND ALSO trust the veracity legitimacy of any video where everyone involved has their mouths and faces completely covered up.

  4. Cop was always under control and focused all the while a good honest listener. the Gal was smart in being calm and mostly honest ?? She was not trying to out smart anyone just present herself as effectively as possible. Missing your flight at some airports is major punishment in and of itself

  5. You don't usually see people generically refer to themselves as "entertainers" unless they do something that has a stigma attached to it. Calling herself an "actress" would have been less obvious.

  6. I was bringing a bunch of salt and vinegar almonds with me overseas to school and TSA made me open every metal canister. I get it because they couldn't tell what was in the containers. Just such a letdown because the almonds smell super strong and after opened at inspection I asked them to just toss them. That smell for an international flight is just not cool.

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