Wiskey warrior 556 was arrested for red flag and property seized in New York q


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Press release Press Release -Town of Carmel Police Department

On 11/23/2019 at approximately 2:19 PM, a member of the Town of Carmel Police Department was in the area of 50 Putnam Drive investigating a prior domestic incident involving the 28 year old resident Alexander Booth. The officer hearing what he believed to be a gunshot come from the residence requested backup. When additional officers arrived Mr. Booth was observed in his doorway acting in an agitated state before returning inside his garage apartment and barricading himself. As a safety precaution officers evacuated the neighboring houses and alerted the Putnam County Emergency Response Team and Negotiation Team.
Negotiators made contact with Mr. Booth and after six hours of discussion they were successful in convincing him to surrender without incident. Thanks to their tireless efforts no civilians or police were harmed.

Alexander Booth was subsequently arrested on a felony warrant issued by Town Justice Jacobellis stemming from the previous domestic incident. Mr. Booth was charged with Penal Law 140.25 Burglary 2nd Degree a class C felony; 140.15 Criminal Trespass a class A misdemeanor; 215.50 Criminal Contempt 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 240.30 Aggravated Harassment 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 155.25 Petit Larceny a class A misdemeanor. He was arraignment in Carmel Town Justice Court.

At the conclusion of this incident NO weapons or ammunition feeding devises were found or seized, despite numerous false social media posts to the contrary.
The Town of Carmel Police Department was assisted by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and the Westchester County Department of Public Safety’s Special Response and Negotiation Teams.

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22 thoughts on “Wiskey warrior 556 was arrested for red flag and property seized in New York q

  1. WTF is this idiot doing. Hes a drunk idiot being an ass. Why did he go home and put on his ACU's and start drinking whiskey. Hes not ready to be an adult, probably got discharged for being a shitbag.

  2. I'm posting this on the latest videos of all of the 1A Auditors that I'm subscribed to because I think it's a brilliant come-back to the whole "you're suspicious" nonsense.
    "I'm breaking no laws, and you find that suspicious?"
    I've paraphrased slightly from a video from an Attorney called Steve Lehto, who was talking about how a cop pulled over a man because they had just left a parking lot that had a hole in the fence through which one could access the carpark of a bar (despite not having seen the man climb through said hole) and that his estimated speed on a 45mph road varried between 28 and 35 mph, which is obviously expressly permitted by the limit.
    "The Officer testified that he initiated the stop soley because [the man] left the vacinity of a bar and travelled at a speed that varied, but remained below the speed limit".
    Exact quote: "…the idea that a Police Officer can say 'You're breaking no laws, and I find that suspicious' is a problem."
    Video, inc. timestamp of quote: https://youtu.be/L75ifvlXkqI?t=8m24s

  3. When there is no longer any way for either side to turn to compromise, no more olive branches to be extended, people will rise against tyranny. In one hand we can look at it as they are destroying our constitution, war is imminent, people are going to rise. Mass hysteria running rampant. Or in the other hand we can prepare ourselves and realize the Constitution is working perfectly as designed if all hell breaks loose. The second amendment is there by design. When someone asked Ben Franklin "What do we have?" He replied…

    "A republic… If you can keep it "
    – Ben Franklin

  4. I got no fucking problem with this, dont make threats and it wont happen. you get to go to court and present your case and get them back. I'm guessing you havent had a sister or a mother dead from the guns of their ex husbands, a paper saying he has to stay away isnt shit, its just a chunk of paper. I voted for our red flag law in my state and it passed.

  5. Staggering around half-drunk, in camo, with a plate-carrier, with mag-pouches, with a knife on your chest, and getting increasingly incoherent is apparently not what his neighbors are comfortable with. Can't say I blame them for wondering if today is the day he goes Rambo and takes the town with him in some blaze of fucking glory. If you can't hack civilian life do what others have done and buy a cabin somewhere isolated and fast-track yourself to hell in whatever manner you prefer.

  6. Everything the controlled government t does now will backfire. They have lost and will continue to loose -just keep reading the comments, police and congress approval is next to nothing. The game is over, we win,

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