Why The Starbucks Arrests Are a Problem

The arrest of two men in Philadelphia at a Starbucks created quite the buzz, but was the buzz for any good reason? Is there really a problem? If so, what is it?

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31 thoughts on “Why The Starbucks Arrests Are a Problem

  1. I was actually working at a Starbucks during this time. Funny, a few weeks before that, I had to call police on a 70 year old Asian women who was in our store for over 9 hours without buying anything. The whole day I was asking her if they needed anything and she said no. When the police showed up, turns out she had a warrant for stabbing a man and fighting police. She even tried to fight the arrest at the store! Starbucks definitely doesn’t want loiterers as it is “unsafe” for their customers (who actually pay). Starbucks threw that manager under the bus (unless they knew something we don’t) just to appease a group of people.

  2. starbucks came out and said THERE IS BASICALLY NO SUCH THING AS LOITERING AT THEIR ESTABLISHMENT AS LONG AS U ARE BEING PEACEFUL AND NOT CAUSING A DISTURBANCE TO THOSE AROUND U…. just ask ANYONE that has lived in LA in the last 10 years…. HOMELESS PPL USE STARBUCKS LIKE THEIR PRIVATE SHIT/SHOWER/SHOOT HOUSE, PHONE CHARGING BAY AND "WAIT ON THE DOPE MAN" SPOT…. so i get y ppl are upset that u dont hear ANYTHING about SB having a no loitering policy UNTIL these 2 men walk in the door…

  3. The problem with trespassing, if I remove someone from Our business and they become violent odds are I am going to be told I should have just called the authorities. What a crapy deal for the officers.

  4. WOW!!!!!!! ok cool i guess when one of you morons gets stabbed in the neck by a citizen… I'll just record you with my cell phone and not call the police until i forget the description, of the citizen, and you have bleed out and are room temp……. Really? yet they all want justice any other time….. This all makes perfect sense if : 1. you are a cry "baby back" bitch. 2. If you don't believe ACTUAL science, like you know, the last couple hundred years. 3. your brain has shriveled up and fallen like a dead fruit, and you ACTUALLY believe every post you read and the Young Turks…

  5. The thing I don’t understand is that they said they were meeting someone. Did the manager ask if they intended to order anything once the third person showed up? Couldn’t they have waited until the third person showed and then asked if they were going to order something and if not then tell them to leave and call the cops if they don’t?

  6. The problem is the Starbucks is SELECTIVELY booting loiterers, filtered by guessing at social class. Business can allow loitering, or disallow it, but NOT RACIST-SELECTIVELY. Knowing it's selective is what makes this arrest illegal, but legal from the limited view of the cop who doesn't know the selectivity OR the OTHER laws about laws.

  7. In the USA I'm always allowed to wait for my friend who orders coffee; but my friend can't wait for me to order the coffee because they assume he can't pay and make him pay in advance — so when I arrive I either see him with cold coffee for me, or in handcuffs if he forgot his money and didn't !!RUN!! out quick enough when shouted at.

  8. I just wonder the arrogance If a cop asks me to leave, I'll is in my pants and leave.

    In Britain the police was deporting a Somali gang rapist who had been 9 years in prison. The entire planefull of passengers interfered and the deportation could not be performed. All they saw as a black man being deported.

  9. I really hate the Young Turks on how they misrepresent the facts in order to push a narrative. They typically present the initial situation and then the result: arrest or shooting and claim that one happened directly as a result of the other. I used to be their fan but about the time of Michal Brown shooting I finally switched sides.

    Sure one can have different political opinions but at least one should agree on the facts. If you need to distort facts to mach your views, the are they so good?

  10. Mike, I love your logic and sense of humor. I love the quote, “Starbucks isn’t a community center.” The media is WAY too one sided and it really helps to get an officers point of view. We need major news outlets to be more about showing each view point instead of just trying to get reactions

  11. I can't find the Vegas – Man On The Street video anywhere. Was it taken down because of the audio troubles Mike referenced near the beginning of this stream or was it flagged and removed?

  12. Whoa, whoa, wait a minute? "Black" rifle coffee! Insinuating racism and implicit violence against said group. Boycott! Rename it to something like "we love and value everyone hot brewed beverage company".

  13. Thanks for explaining this Starbucks thing. I was under the impression it was late at night and the female manager called the police because she was concerned about getting robbed. But, the actual reality of the situation way less dramatic than that.

  14. These people need to understand the pendulum swings both ways. And the farther you push, the harder it swings back.
    The freedom that allows people to act this way is going to be taken away, and that'll effect all of us. And the backlash could be devastating.
    They want free wifi. Turn off the wifi and the problems will leave.

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