When a Teacher Gets Arrested (A Response to Philip DeFranco)

Vermilion Parish middle school teacher Deisha Hargrave was recently arrested at a board meeting at which she had expressed her disagreement over a raise for the superintendent while the teaching staff were not receiving any.

I recap the incident, give my basic reaction and input and more importantly I respond to how the media (mainstream and social) treats these types of incidents where the police are an easy scapegoat for our frustrations as a society.

In particular, I address Philip DeFranco, of whom I am a subscriber and regular viewer. I envy his communication skills and his ability to really drive good reviews of situations into their main points and deliver them to his viewers. I normally find him to be pretty balanced and he seems like a nice guy. This, however, does seem to be an example of titling and approach to videos that he would normally criticize.

I’d love to have a conversation with him over law enforcement and cultural issues sometime.

Video ended up way longer than I thought it would. I need to get better and being more brief. I’ll work on it.


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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


46 thoughts on “When a Teacher Gets Arrested (A Response to Philip DeFranco)

  1. Anyone with blue line flag isn’t worth responding to. What a nice echo chamber you got here. This case was already ruled and the judge found the cop, the superintendent, and the president of the schoolboard in the wrong. In the court of law, a person may address the person speaking when spoken to, dumbass.

    It only “disrupted” the meeting because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear. The court ruled that the pay raise was not legitimate either. Christ. Even before the arrest, the teachers comments were completely legitimate and legal.

    But can you expect a cop to know the law these days? I dunno what video you saw, he did drag her and push her. Straight up lie? Why would they post the video along with their articles? Why would anyone write a lie and then post an eye witness account of the actual incident. Cops need to further their education if they want respect to anyone who isn’t a bootlicker.

    Here, for your edification: Drag – pull (someone or something) along forcefully, roughly, or with difficulty.


  2. Was anyone given a chance to give their opinion/ share concern on a previous date? If not when was she going to have her right to speak up? IF not I feel that the school board used the police to strong arm a tax payer to keep quiet! A person getting a raise based on performance isn't a crime. That being said, the raise was almost an entire salary for a teacher. This is like congress voting on their raise despite how Americans feel about congress performance.

  3. are you for real mike the cop. that lady shouldn’t have been arrested and if you don’t see that you have been blinded by the shield. and for the record i can’t stand people like her. but it’s obvious they were having a public meeting which entails speaking and asking questions.

  4. My area teachers 30,000-45,000 a year school principal 700,000 a year ! This is fact ! The principal got a raise for the exact amount of the teacher they let go ! Why are school boards aloud to set there own pay ! I think this problem gos much deeper and she raised the wrong question !!!! Good for her

  5. @13:00 or so. The Associated Press Wire sends a story to all AP affiliates and they put their own spin on it….so if the original report of wrong and is send to other via the wire….all of the 'mainstream media' will report the same false information in different terms.

    ……the other side of the coin, when you think you found three sources to prove a point….if they are all AP sources, you have one source with various affiliates repeating what they are told.

  6. DAMN RIGHT IMA SAY ANYTHING I WANT!! I GOT MY 1ST AMENDMENT HALLPASS RIGHT HERE YO! lol. I love you man lol, I'm the same way with you angry cops and donut I learn a lot from you guys thanks for trying to teach, I had a buddy for 7 years I looked up to on everything I had no idea what sovereign citizens were I started watching your videos and all of a sudden I'm SO GLAD, I never followed my friends advice when talking to the police, I always tell my friends PLEASE for the love of whatever higher power you believe in let me talk to the cops, I just understand cops are big on respect and cops deal with a lot of A-holes so if you can just NOT be an A-Hole major brownie points, well my friend would have had me keeping my window rolled up slipping my I'd insurance and registration out my window like a dude in one of donuts videos. THANKS FOR TEACHING!

  7. Ugh, she did leave, he put her on the ground, and shoved her out the door. To say you don't see what happens until she is in cuffs and then say she was aggressive is ascinine. Respect you and your opinion but come on now. She was put in cuffs quietly and only starts yelling when he puts her down. For nothing, straw man your disorderly argument on ordinances, etc etc all you want. There wasn't even a call for order. Sorry man but $100 explanation that is a simple answer.

  8. Over year late but this just popped up on my feed. I stopped watching Defranco some time ago, once he started letting his bias muddy facts. Because of that I'm not sure but…
    Was anyone blaming the LEO in this case? I mean, that board was corrupt as hell and basically paid themselves at expense of teachers…. but I honestly don't remember anyone saying the cop was at fault? Not disagreeing, just a legit question. Bit disheartening if the officer did get blamed.

  9. It's the same with the recent "Woman given 5 years for giving false address to get kid into school". They leave out the fact she was dealing crack aswel. I mean I still think its harsh, but that factoid makes the story very different

  10. Cops should refuse to be tools of these people and anyone subject to criminal prosecution by these assholes at the schoolboard should request a jury trial, in which all citizens on the jury should nullify the case. There….. fuck them.

  11. I'd like to have a dialogue with you about my difficult experience with Law Enforcement that has made me cautious around cops.

    I am not anti-cop, but I will not answer your questions, I do not consent to searches and I don't trust you (when working in your official capacity).

    I will be polite. If required by law, I will provide ID. I will not resist you, but remember, I am genuinely afraid of you. Why?

    The truth doesn't matter. When the truth is revealed, I have watched cops refuse to take a report even with substantial proof that the accusations leading to my arrest were lies, (proven by financial documents, sworn affidavits and reports from cops in said agency).

    I was later told lying to police was a crime, I would go to jail for it. Yet it appeared to me, that because my accuser was a politician's family, she could have murdered me and the cops would have made it look justified.

    I don't believe all cops are bad, but the bad ones don't announc that they are bad, and they too display the "thin blue line" flag that good ones do.

    I do enjoy your perspective, I understand Use of Force and more often than not look for details to better understand the situation.

    I am however suspicious. My life experience has made me fear cops, truth and facts be damned.

    My words have been twisted to fit an agenda, all the while I'm somehow a dangerous criminal, even when I'm not around.

    I am convinced had I not left Washington State, that they would have looked for a reason to arrest me and lied to make it stick.

    I once got pulled over by a Washington State Trooper, he saw me tremble and deflate right in front of him. I went into a panic believing I was going to jail over a traffic citation. I was crying on a date when I turned and put my hands behind my back.

    Yes I'm scared of cops, I expect to be arrested even when I'm pulled over.

    I have decided to record interactions with police just to have an objective witness.

    I have worked with some cops in a Security capacity and I know not all are bad, My wife has cops in her family, Men I respect and admire. I've come a long way. I'd like to have a dialogue with a cop that won't take it as being Anti-Cop.

    Perhaps both sides can learn something.

  12. There really was no reason to remove her from the meeting just cause she questioned the action of the board. So many charges are so vague that they can be applied in so many ways. Why charge her with anything.

  13. She absolutely does say to the officer, "you just pushed me to the floor!" in the original video. So unless you are mincing words at 16:17 between "pushed" and "slammed", you have that one wrong. No one respected this woman's rights, and the school board president escalated the situation completely unnecessarily. The whole time she is complying and leaving the meeting room, people on the board just keep jawing at her, multiple different ones trying to get their verbal shots in, still engaging and provoking her. No wonder they lost, had to settle a lawsuit with her, the board president resigned, the officer was fired, the superintendent was put on leave, & the board was found to be in violation of the open meetings law. Nothing in the video suggests this community needs to be paying a superintendent $140K.

  14. Following the LA riots and the 1997 N Hollywood Bank robber shootout, police culture has massively shifted from public servants protecting freedoms and liberties in dress shirts and ties towards being a paramilitary force controlling the public where everyone and anyone is a potential threat specifically to their personal lives. "I need to ID you to see if you have any weapons." "Police officers deserve the right to go home each night alive loved ones." Now they wear tactical bullet proof vests for their safety, the same vests illegal for the public to use. Each squad car is armed with AR-15's, the same rifle too "militaristic" for the public to own. They are in an arms race and their training reflects it. They're taught to always be in control and stay one threat level above their suspect. When you're taught to be a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. And the ONLY thing between the Stalin, Mao and other authoritarian regimes and the US is the police force and how they perceive the public. We're seeing cops as the bad guys more and more bc cops only see suspects and perpetrators. It's time the civility return to procedure and training and leave the SWAT tactics to SWAT.

  15. Your blue bias is winning here. The question is was the arrest warranted. She is seen walking out on her own. She's out of the room, off camera, of her own will. In the 5 seconds she's off camera in the hallway, she's on the ground being handcuffed. You CANNOT say it was failing to leave bc she DID.. You CANNOT say she wouldn't stop talking out of turn bc she DID. FACTUALLY how can you state the officer didn't throw her to the ground when you immediately admit you didn't see it? Her actions leaving the room are juxtaposed to her being handcuffed. Why. Instead of objectively investigating it, your entire reason for being is to simply give a pass to the officer. Fail.

  16. How about a video where you tell your fellow officers to start policing their own instead of being walking piles of shit staining the uniform and everything its supposed to stand for because to a victim the bystander is no better then the perpetrator.

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