34 thoughts on “Re-up – City Manager Demands Answers West Jordan Utah

  1. For those wondering why all the re-uploads, the old channel was shut down, so I am gradually re-uploading the videos from that channel to this new channel. They are labeled as "Re-up" so that if you aren't wanting to see repeats you don't get click baited. New videos are labeled as "NEW" until all the old videos are up and I am only uploading new content again. Thanks for watching!
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  2. Damn.. can u imagine having that annoying ass manager as your neighbor? Fuckin dude would b squatting down looking at your grass making sure it was under 3 inches or he'd call the Marine corp!

  3. Several points. First, nice building for a hick town. Who paid for it?. Second, teenagers with assault rifles kill way more than police and terrorists combined. Third why does nobody address the elephant in the room

  4. Lol. Even the city hall in west Jordan looks like an LDS meeting house
    I find it comical that these city workers who are on camera all day long at work and pretty much everywhere u go nowadays are so frazzled when someone with a camera comes and takes their picture….lol

  5. People like that city manager has a hand in ruining our constitution and is helping bring down the United States of America if he did go to law school at any point in his life he cheated.

  6. How's the old saying go? Thieves have the biggest locks. Must be the city manager has a guilty conscience for all his years of nefarious behavior as a prosecutor.

  7. the cops that showed up were great but to better handle the situation and deescalate the man that was out of order thy they should have said "sir he wont tell you cause he doesnt have to and doesnt want to. people are allowed to film in public and that includes gov buildings no matter how worried or uncomfortable it makes people. the best course of action to take if it bothers you is to quit and get a job somewhere where people are not allowed to film. you cannot take someone's rights away cause it pisses you off while at work. you need to leave him alone or you will be arrested for harassment."

  8. no matter how many of your videos i watch i still cant believe how people think their subjective worries mean you have to do or not do something. its like me thinking i have the authority to stop someone walking with a soda and say they have to answer my questions about why they are drinking a soda and then stop and throw it away cause im worried i might bump into them at some point and get soda spilt on me. in reality i have to just deal with the worry and if it happens oh well thats an unfortunate effect of the free and incontrollable world.

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