What Makes a Good Cop? Part 1

What makes a good cop!? I address this topic in the vlog answering it from my perspective and asking others along the way.

Missing that Tampa weather already.

Original Good Cops video:

Exposing Bad Cops video:

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26 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Cop? Part 1

  1. Mike!
    I didn’t know you frequented in Tampa. Been watching your channel for a while now. Tampa native here! I grew up in that neighborhood! 7th sun brewery is awesome! Next time you are around, I would like to meet you! Aspiring future cop here.

  2. Honesty
    Having compassion and respect for others (no power trippers, just cops that truly wish to influence your behavior in the positive)
    Great skills – nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills – J/K about those. I want a cop who is not trigger happy but it cautious to protect all life when handling deadly force. One who is eager to catch the bad guy but not trigger happy. One who hopes for the best but is aware that the worst could happen and is prepared to confidently handle that challenge. And these days, a good cop needs thick skin and a warrior mindset. I have always had a good view of police officers because I’ve only had positive experiences with them. Then again, I follow the law. But our society and the media as a whole seem to have a much worst view of police officers and that is very sad. Having said that, I also am in charge of my own (or my family’s)safety. Typically cops are there for the aftermath because we can’t keep them in our pockets at all times. A good cop helps those with mental illness or significant struggles in life (the homeless, schizophrenics), especially those that typically don’t cause big problems. Cops that can be empathetic and walk in someone else’s shoes would also be very beneficial. And finally, cops like @Mikethecop

  3. A good cop is someone who actually keeps their oath they made to protect the constitution and citizens, not hunt them down and harass them for stupid things like "jaywalking" and who does not practice the thin blue line and actually informs the people above him of bad cops and bad actions of bad cops, even if this gets them into trouble, people are terrified of you guys even if they are a very law-abiding citizen as unfortunately people these days don't know if they are stopped by police whether they are going to get a beating, sprayed with chemicals or electrocuted, please stand up to bad cops and become a good cop. Also, they should be treated equally under the law the same as citizens if they do anything wrong.

  4. Being able to have compassion in such a negative world. Like you said, being able to wear different hats based on the situation. Wanting better for all people. I wouldn't necessarily say find the bad guy but when you do then to be able to get them to change their behavior for the best. It's basically like your slogan "Humanizing The Badge", trying to get on their level to understand what they are going through and somewhat sympathize with them. Trying to always put your best foot forward.

  5. Not in order of importance.
    1. Integrety
    2. Bravery
    3. Conscientiousness
    4. Good Memory
    5. Intuition
    6. Fitness
    7. Financial Responsibility
    8. Communication/Listening Skills
    9. Hand to Hand, Shooting Skill, & Driving Skill
    10. Assertive
    11. Low Agreeableness Trait
    And Many More.

  6. What makes a good police officer is one that knows the Constitution of the United States of America and the law and abides by these rules. There are many police who are ill-informed of constitutional law or deliberately break the law. I.E. people being told filming police officers or filming in public places such as a post office are illegal, people having their property confiscated without cause, people being told or ordered that they have to provide identification when they are not under arrest, people being searched without probable cause.

    All of these violations erode public trust in the police. Also they erode trust in the legal system as well because in most of these incidents the police officer is rarely prosecuted and faces little to no repercussions. Some may argue these are minor violations. The focus on should be on police taking bribes or ones that are involved in other criminal activity such as organized crime or ones that use excessive force or brutality.

    But to me when people begin to accept any violations of the constitution and when word of mouth of the police or anyone with a uniform becomes law then you no longer have any set of rules or constitution. When people they allow themselves to be questioned, searched, and identified out of fear and intimidation. When they feel afraid to even stand up for their rights. When they are being told legal activities are illegal and you must obey. This all erodes the constitution and the rights and protections you are afforded under it.

  7. Hi Mike, have you talked about the incidents where Baltimore police officers planted drug evidence in a car/cars, as well as someone’s backyard? I do not understand why they would do this in the first place. The officers were working together, and their AXON bodycams record without audio while powered on, and save the video-only snippet 30 seconds before the officer starts recording with audio. So the officers didn’t know their planting was being recorded without audio so when they started recording they had already saved their 30 seconds of planting. One group of cops coordinated a drug plant in a car and all but one of the officers successfully stopped recording long enough to not save the plant, but one of them didn’t know he recorded his plant. Thank you in advance.

  8. HAPPY late birthday !!! 😀

    im a new sub, just found this channel tonight, i was searching up Cop stuff because im very interested in the carrer, anyway.. Cool channel and thank you so much for all the honest info 😀

  9. my favorite cop in my community is for some reason the guy who sits in the Sharif station. Also, the same cop who comes to elementary school and high schools to do speeches. he is like "your bro" or the dude that will sit down and listen to you when a rookie about kills your mother on account of being too excited getting called to a frozen pizza on fire.

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