OJ Simpson Says Colin Kaepernick “Made A Mistake” In First Interview Since Imprisonment

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Author: phillyfinest369


45 thoughts on “OJ Simpson Says Colin Kaepernick “Made A Mistake” In First Interview Since Imprisonment

  1. OJ just want them white people to accept his murdering ass.. The white people don't like you and the black people don't give a damn about you so shut yo big size 20 forehead ass up nobody gives a damn what yo sorry ass think

  2. There was no attack of the flag. Colin is a noble young brother who stood up against injustice. OJ Simpson is a selfish sellout. I am a military vet and there are many vets who are behind Colin.

  3. Actually the esteemed detective Mark Fuhrman perjured himself on the stand (and was exposed by the "Fuhrman tapes") and also plead the fifth when directly asked if he had fabricated evidence in the case. So the judicial system actually got the OJ verdict right; it's the police that blew it and left the court no choice but to acquit.

  4. hahahaha. you don't know why we care about anything oj simpson has to say? but someone is supposed to give a sh*t about what YOU have to say??? hahaha. these radio personalities crack me up. Dude, no matter WHAT you think happened with the OJ case, you still have NO clue what happened and he was found "not guilty"(eventho yeah, we kinda know he did it but yeah, did it or not, just makes his opinion more interesting-no one is saying he is a good guy just because they asked his opinion), and also, he still is one of the greatest nfl players in history. But WTF have YOU accomplished except be lucky enough to have a job talking about what OTHER people are doing in THEIR lives and careers?! pfft! bruh, u need to give urself the donkey of the day (again) for that sh*t. lol smh and IF Colin expected to keep his job and didn't plan on his kneeling losing him his job, then it WAS a mistake. Nothing wrong with OJ saying that he thinks it was a mistake. That's his mf opinion of which he was ASKED! WTF are you even talking about? Dude, ANYONE and i mean ANYONE can do your job. Not hard to write down everything u want to say about something and then go on air and read it as if ur just talking off the top. what u got a mf telepromter, n**ga?? nah, jus ur ipad. smh lol pfft! boooo!

  5. OJ got the nerve to talk about Colin Kaepernick stay in jail jailbird. A lot of black thought he was innocent, it turns out that he's committed double murder, which in a way I thought he did it anyway and OJ stretch your mouth open to talk about Colin Kaepernick the man didn't kill anybody he just didn't kneel, for the national anthem and what it stood for I'll put it this way what it's supposed to stand for and you can't blame the man for that. But you OJ committed double murder and got away with it and nearly confessed it. Go away okay never be seen again.

  6. That book is bullshit! OJ didn't write. it some csi mfer most likely aided an author to produce this work of fiction. Think about it with all the source material on the murders it wouldn't be that hard. OJ went along with it so he could settle his debt with the Goldman's. Its actually pretty nasty if you think about it . The Goldman's get their settlement off of a book detailing how their fam was killed. He knew he couldn't profit from it. But if not the book profits then they would get his pension from the nfl

  7. OJ is a loser, obviously. The biggest problem with Kaepernick is that his kneeling directly offends military, good police, and the their families who have experienced death.I actually don't even believe there is a widespread police brutality problem, since no one has provided any type of statistic to prove its as wide spread as claimed. That isn't saying it doesn't happen. In my opinion, Colin has the right to do it, but it would be more wise of him to do it in a different matter. The kneeling just pisses off too many people and takes away from what he is trying to convey.

  8. I still don't think he did it…he is making a joke of the
    media and the people that want him to have done it. It makes more noise
    believing that he did it. He is making money off it, and making a mockery of
    it. Yea two people are dead, but black kids and woman get murdered we are told
    to get over it. So, get over this. Crime Watch Daily have these same stories
    every week, by the time the new one air, we forgot about the previous one. FYI,
    you can watch them on YouTube ☺

  9. Dr Harry Edwards and Dr Martin Luther King Jr were organizing a boycott of the 1968 Olympics by Black athletes when OJ was at USC. When Dr Harry Edwards asked OJ to join the boycott, OJ said, "I'm not Black. I'm OJ". That tells you all you need to know about why OJ thinks Kaepernick made a mistake.

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