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The world of higher education has been in shock this past week after West Virginia University President E. Gordon Gee announced plans to dramatically cut academic programs and jobs in the coming year. If WVU proceeds with the proposed cuts, the impact on campus workers—student employees, grad workers, faculty, staff, facilities workers—and the local economy will be massive. What brought WVU to this crisis point? And what can be done to fight back? In this urgent episode, we talk with: Leslie Wilber, an organizer with West Virginia Campus Workers who graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from WVU earlier this year; Morgan King, a recent graduate of WVU, a Fulbright Scholar, and a Marshall Scholar; Dr. Jessie Wilkerson, associate professor and Joyce and Stuart Robbins Chair of History at WVU, a member of the West Virginia Campus Workers union, and the author of To Live Here, You Have to Fight: How Women Led Appalachian Movements for Social Justice.

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24 thoughts on “West Virginia University guts programs, decimates staff in new budget | Working People

  1. The stupidity of the elites is obscene. China China, China waaaa waaaaa. This cements China's leadership in "democracy" "COMMON GOOD", COMMON PROSPERITY AND TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE, MATH, ENGINEERING, HISTORY, LANGUAGES, a better opinion of their people and a way better life.

  2. In 2014, Dr. Ali Rezai performed one of the worlds first Brain-Stimulus & Computer Interface Surgeries ( Transhumanism) at The Ohio State University Wexner Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. In 2017 he departed to accept a position as head of The Rockefeller Neuroscience Foundation at West Virginia University where Gordon Gee ( former OSU President) is now WVU president. While we were aware of the Wexner/Gates/ Epstein child trafficking allegations it was only later that they were funding these type of Surgeries at OSU and other colleges across America. The Transhumanist agenda is the real civil rights movement of the 21st Century. Battelle/DARPA partnered in the funding. The warnings of Eisenhower ( Operation Paperclip ) and JFK of infiltration from within have become our NOW Reality. Transhumanism & The Rockefeller Foundation = Eugenics.

  3. Gee is the problem he's the same guy that let Huggins wife resigned for him and will cost West Virginia University millions of dollars. The sooner he goes the better WVU will be

  4. Where did all the taxpayer handout Covid money go ? How did so many highly educated financial administrators not see this coming ? Probably because there six and seven figure salaries were safe….

  5. to much back ground and no real story until way let in it. Get to the point and stop all the back ground stuff. The meat of ur story is the budget cuts. Just the facts please just the facts leave out the fluff

  6. They’re going to just rely upon A.I!
    They’re going to pull the rug out from people who have spent decades building their liberal arts education.
    That’s how they will kill the public sector.
    It’s how they will kill critical thinking.

  7. This in funding of graduate students and using their talents without adequate remuneration has a long history. Unfortunately the overtaking and over reach of former governors and political persons to steer universities has also. This seems to be exactly another pillar of the control system we have succumbed to in our current state of destructive effects of corporate- political-educational-military-industrial ( and wait for it -religious fascistic change. We USED to be the Great Experiment in freedom and power of the people to govern themselves. Now we are a joke of an oligarchy trying to run everyone and everything. I don’t need to remind you t that education and freedom are worth our striving for, do I.? STRIVE vocally and with YOUR vote Damn it!

  8. Thank you again, Real news Network for having these women speak today with incredible clarity.
    I got this on August 23, 2023.
    If it was August 18, 2023 my notifications are off.

  9. Why is it that when it comes time to make cuts they rarely look at their own salaries and benefits and go after what brings them in the money. I am sure there are a lot of admin positions that could be cut and never replaced in many colleges.

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