Africa is the future. Why everyone must understand it w/Nii Akuetteh

News stories about Africa and the 1.4 billion people who live there, about 17% of the world’s population, have always been systematically de-prioritized in Western media. But it goes deeper than that: For people living in the West and the Global North, especially for those living in the heart of US empire, Africa and Africans have been permanently relegated to the outskirts of our imaginations. Why? Why is it so hard to get people to pay attention to this vast, diverse, important swathe of the world? And as we enter a new era, a 21st-century realignment on the stage of global competition for economic, political, and military influence in Africa from the likes of the US, China, Russia, India, Turkey, and more, and as Africa itself becomes one of the critical sites of resource extraction in the fossil fuel and green energy wars, and as Africans themselves bear a disproportionate amount of the disastrous effects of the climate emergency, will that perpetual relegation of Africa to the status of second-class concern change? And if so, will it change for the better?

TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez speaks with Nii Akuetteh. A Ghanaian-born policy analyst and activist, Akuetteh is the founder of the Democracy & Conflict Research Institute based in Accra, Ghana, and he is the former executive director of Africa Action and Editor at TransAfrica. This conversation was recorded on June 30, 2023.

Studio Production: David Hebden, Cameron Granadino, Adam Coley, Kayla Rivara
Post-Production: Cameron Granadino

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47 thoughts on “Africa is the future. Why everyone must understand it w/Nii Akuetteh

  1. i think we need to focus on how the far east has progressed so fast in short time .once we talk about the world that is non white and has progressed fast and investgate and bring the subject in our debates we will find the answer on how to end that bondage to the european back door slavery

  2. An eye opening conversation about European and American attitudes towards Africans and how those look from the African point of view. It sure is funny how we don't let thousands of Ukrainians drown in the Mediterranean or illegally deport them to strange countries but apparently it's okay to treat Africans that way.

  3. The Western world cannot focus on Africa because the whole philosophy of Western is based up on a lie. To tell the truth will cause it's demise. H9wver, it is slowly coming out anyway. Who are the Jews anyway? Has this ever been a Biblical. Christian nation? Who and where are the Tribes of Judah and Israel? Why don't the Palestians have a home land? Why does America support the land of Israel which is on the continent we now call Africa? Who really was Jesus? These are just a few of the questions that the West would need to answer that will completely destroy the foundation of the West.

  4. 😩 The level of cringe coming from the woke zealots of the "Real" News Network is insufferable at times. Africa(ns) deserve(s) credit for shaping the modern world by virtue of the continent containing a natural resource (gold) that lead to Europeans funding expeditions across the Atlantic? The mental gymnastics these people perform to prove their truth is bonkers. I don't disagree that Africa doesn't get enough attention and probably gets misrepresented often, but these kinds of statements are just ridiculous. The title of the video is another example.

  5. When I was in grade school and when they told me my people were always slaves I shut them down.

    Quit their school system taught myself. The only reason I when back to that place was to get that piece of paper stating that I have no critcal thinking but a good memory.

    I scored 25% higher then most. Teaching myself.

    FYI, Afrika is the only continent attached to the world.

    Heads-up you will have to search for this information also the use of the dictionary will come in handy.

    You know how they are, they hide sh1t.

  6. This is astounding. The guest and host both are describing these rentier states as if their condition is separate of race but not racism. The advocacy of a bottom up globalism is on its face ridiculous and guarantees the status quo. These countries have failed but must begin to develop their own national infrastructures.

  7. It is not a good question. It is racism. But now, we have hundreds of independent commentators on youtube covering africa and thousands on twitter. We no longer need white supremacists or their black & brown puppets for the news. Also, Russia and CHINA are spreading their news coverage. We are tired of the fake bible being read to us daily, most of it vetted by spy agencies, the CIA.

  8. I've heard nothing from any one, about the 4 rivers of the…''GARDEN OF EDEN''…being Excavated,
    by Scientist and Archeologist, NOT…in ISRAEL, BUT…in…'🥀''AFRICA''🥀~
    Which means the…''HOLY LAND''…is 🥀''AFRICA''🥀~
    JERUSALEM…is in…🥀''AFRICA''🥀~
    Everything began in Africa…and shall continue, in Africa.
    I'm an African-American…Female Christian Israelite. The Colonization of the ''WORLD''…🌏…was
    Evil, and GOD has something, for all involved. To my African Cousins…The Bible is the Israelites…
    ''HISTORY BOOK''…📖…and if people would Only read a…BIBLE…
    …they'd know what's coming, and understand…Africa…will change because of the 'ROLE'…GOD…has
    given them, in these Last Days…End Times…
    Prophecies in Ezekiel 37-39…and in Revelation. The Hebrew-Israelites journey to Slavery in America,
    began in Genesis 15:13-14…and expounds in Revelation 28:15-68…(egypt means bondage). NOW…that
    the world is learning that the African-Americans, are God's Chosen People…they'll understand our Plight
    in America. There are Rabbis'…in Israel, who knows this 'Truth'…but only Rabbi Itzhak Shapira speaks
    about it. He wrote a book about it named…''The return of the Kosher Pig!'' He's visited Africa…because he understands the Passage in Amos 9:7…proves, Israelites are…
    as the Ethiopians are…~''BLACK''~ 👢 🖤▪
    The Bible says in Ezekiel…the 2 Southern Tribes of Israel, will join the 10 Northern Tribes, who are in Africa
    because, again, Africa is the…''Holy Land'' and the 2 Sticks of Israel will Click~🌴…it will be a New Beginning.
    The fact that Israelites are not African…is known by few…but it too will ''SHOCK''…the world! The late Dr.
    Charles Robinson discovered the difference in the DNA of Israelites, and Africans. We know there are other
    people who are Black, but only Africans and Israelites, have the same….''Crowning Glory''…😘..
    Revelation 2:9…and 3:9, should be read by every ONE to understand how things became the way they ARE,
    The Palestinians Land was taken…May 14, 1948 as was the Israelites…Lineage. In Slavery from 1619-2019,
    400 years…
    Ex-President Trump signed the official documents H.R. Bill 1242…Israelites are free….yay…🥳…and Waiting!
    Please research WW3…is looming on the horizon…Putin and China wants war…they'll get…ONE…
    Isaiah 1:18 ''Come…let us reason together…Saith the LORD!~🥰~

  9. I see it more as a need to ignore African countries because of the US Empire's continual maurading there. We must be kept in the dark so our deeds can be hidden.

    I don't see it as particularly white supremacy, though that's an element.

  10. For example, without cobalt from places like the Congo, computers, smart phones, EVs, and other technologies would be exceptionally rare and super expensive to the point where I would not ever be able to afford any of them.

  11. I think the world would look very different if the Africans who be came slaves in the American continents had been left in Africa along with its other resources. The development of the American colonies in North, Central, and South America would have been completely different, as would have Africa.

    Another thing about Africa, i has a large population that also has the youngest demographics in the world. China and India have older populations. The Europeans and their descendants are almost may not be a real factor in the years to come

  12. Resources don’t make a society rich with rare exceptions like Saudi Arabia with a tiny population & vast oil reserves. Intelligence & innovations make a civilization rich . Venezuela with the largest oil reserves in the world is destitute & starving . Why is America rich? It is rich because of inventions innovations & intelligence which Africa has none of. Name one invention or innovation that ever came out of Africa.

  13. The West have been telling complete lies about Africa deliberately for decades and many Africans themselves have believed the West's racist and frankly evil propaganda.
    They say Africa is held back by corruption. All the corruption has to go somewhere and it flows into and remains in Western institutions enabled by the same unscrupulous people.
    Also, there is a great deal of corruption in the West and it has not held them back. There is a great deal of corruption in Asia and it hasn't held them back a great deal.
    Africa is treated very unfairly by global financial institutions so Western exploitation of African natural resources can continue unchallenged. This goes back to the scramble for Africa, slavery and the carving up of the continent by the Great powers. Post colonialism, the West has persistently interfered in African politics to ensure good leaders are eliminated and to ensure their half-witted puppets hold power.
    It is the West that has made Africa weak, caused destructive wars, widespread poverty and instability. Africa is paying a high price for completely stupid Western wars elsewhere. Now the terrorists and their death ideology have flowed into Africa as a direct consequence of the West's fake 'war on terror' in the Middle East. Everywhere the west goes that isn't Caucasian, devastation and destruction follows. War and instability is the tool the West uses to access natural and human resources cheaply.
    Africa needs to force a complete reset in it's relationship with the West at all costs. It is literally a matter of life and death.

  14. Africa has the youngest population of all continents. They have more men under 24 than the rest of the world.

    When western nations invade, there's going to a lot of dead Europeans staining the sands of the motherland.

  15. I think YouTube is shadow banning TRNN. I'm a subscriber but none of your videos have popped up on my feed in weeks so I just hit the notification Bell. 🛎

  16. Most African slaves were NOT captured by non-Africans. They were sold to foreigners by African chieftains who had conquered them.

  17. It is useful to recognize each part of the world's historical inputs into climate change only insofar as it helps to give clarity around the mechanism(s) of climate change. What each part of the global system is doing right now needs to be addressed. Presently, China needs to make some drastic changes. Today, China does not account for only 3% of problematic practices that affect our climate. This does not excuse the rest of the world from doing our part. We need to avoid the trap of an analysis that does not address the present dangers.

  18. This is a softball report. Why aren't you reporting on the Act moving through Congress to punish Africans for doing business with Russia. It is called th "Countering Malign Russian Activities with Africa Act". It proposes to, in effect, spy on Africa "regularly " to determine Russian influence. Who died and made the U.S. a parent of Africa? Africa is neutral on the Ukraine and Russia conflict. The U.S., like a schoolyard bully, intends to punish countries that don't do their bidding by following the sanctions the U.S. has imposed on Russia. Africa has no beef with Russia yet. Why should the U.S. punish Africa for staying out of the U.S. conflictvwith Russia. China and other countries via BRICS are doing business with Russia. Where are their Acts?

    Report on the Act instead of this fluff piece about "people of color" being ignored in media.

    By the way we prefer to be called Black, FBA if you will. Respect that please. We are respected in alternative media. Which is why I prefer it.

  19. Main stream media doesn't report on Africa but alternative media does. I get plenty of news from Africa, see Niger, Barkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, BRICS, EFF, Ghana, South Africa and the issue with France and U.S. and colonialism in general. We are getting the "real news" from African channels which is why we side eye main stream channels.

    Thank you internet.

  20. Europe's wars are called world wars. Pythagoras invented c^2=a^2+b^2 even though there were pyramids in the Americas and Africa that predates Greece. It's pathetic.

  21. Europe's wars are called world wars. Pythagoras invented c^2=a^2+b^2 even though there were pyramids in the Americas and Africa that predates Greece. It's pathetic.

  22. Europe's wars are called world wars. Pythagoras invented c^2=a^2+b^2 even though there were pyramids in the Americas and Africa that predates Greece. It's pathetic.

  23. Europe's wars are called world wars. Pythagoras invented c^2=a^2+b^2 even though there were pyramids in the Americas and Africa that predates Greece. It's pathetic.

  24. Europe's wars are called world wars. Pythagoras invented c^2=a^2+b^2 even though there were pyramids in the Americas and Africa that predates Greece. It's pathetic.

  25. I do think that artificial intelligence has no reason to look at the history of the human race and see the aggregate of the human race as a bunch of beings absolutely willing to enslave their own fellow humans. Does AI need to reach any higher level of consciousness to think about how awesome it would be to enslave the entirety of the human race? The human race as a whole buys into the prevailing lies of the megamachine right now. We are very close to having machines as overlords already.

  26. It wouldn’t make sense for the West to provide accurate news from Africa. If they gave the exploited African population a voice we would all know what was being done to them and the West might have to stop stealing their wealth.

  27. Flood the zone like and share this broadcast
    Excellent segment
    The future of the continent of Africa resides in the hearts of the Warriors, who have the intellectual insight and the capacity to manifest Africa’s future
    The colonized mindset must be broken
    Too many of Africa‘s leaders have made a Faustian bargain, leaving her peoples destitute and in perpetual poverty, while they their children, and supporting sycophants, live a lavish life, and educated abroad, while Africa‘s resources are extracted hourly
    It is time to recognize the truth that Africa is the largest continent on the planet, and is the possessor of abundant resources. There is no reason other than a purposeful diminishment of Africa’s advancement. This has been a global undertaking.
    And extracting resources and reaching the elite and maintaining a continental under class
    When Africa finds herself being led by those who have the interest of Africa and her pupil at heart, then and only then, or Africa claim her designated perch as the mother continent of the world
    The time is now to nationalize all of Africa’s resources, renegotiate all contracts in favor of Africa and her people

    It was a long recognize statement, positive by our African ancestors. It takes a village to raise a child.
    It is time for the people of Africa, to elevate Africa, and all of her people onto the global stage, and show the world how a pu people raises a continent where all bask in her glory 0:17

  28. contrarian view; kinda tired of blaming the white man and the west for our own disunity and our lack of proactive measures to address the western ignorance and foolishness. respect to the professor but why are you there for decades and not here teaching our youthful african brothers and sisters? all those students you have taught and most are still there? 1.4 billion africans and 5 million africans in the states and we are here still blaming the west for our own ineptness? boring

  29. What a bogus american discourse. Less we forget, about 10 people run away from their given habitat and region every minute in Africa.
    Thousands and thousands are waiting on the coastline of northern africa trying to get into Europe. Western Media including this trash is so bogus and out of date.

  30. Great Job Real News Network!!!! Thank you for having Nii Abuetteh on today.
    African history is important, as well as American history and world histories with truth to powers of greed.
    "They have been taking African resources for centuries." Thank you Mr. Nii Abuetteh no truer words told.
    South America, Central America, the Carribean Islands,
    Phillipines, Asia, the Middle East, how many military bases does the United States need?
    Climate change is real. Coorperations of greed.
    Again, thank you both for intelligence with wisdom to inform our world with truths

  31. I believe Africa is the future as it was so vitality important in our past. They held the truth of life on earth. This knowledge had to be quashed so government AND religion could gain control of the masses.
    Research ancient Khemeitc science. Coming from the land of Khem Africa. You'll be shocked when you realize the truth.

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