Vivek Ramaswamy Defends His Comments On ‘White Supremacy Not Existing’

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Author: phillyfinest369


29 thoughts on “Vivek Ramaswamy Defends His Comments On ‘White Supremacy Not Existing’

  1. If the breakfast club could understand base theorem they'd understand organizations are fearmongering by removing context. You are more likely to get struck by lightening than get killed by a white supremacist or Islamic terrorist, and even more likely to get killed by a "non-race" related murder. Charlamagne uses FBI stats to frame it as the number 1 issue of America when it is simply not true, just like terrorism. Vivek's point is 99.9% of people will never encounter a white supremecist or a islamic terrorist; these are just excuses by the government to exert control whether it's tracking online activity or taking away your guns. Frankly, if we took away everyone's guns at least you'd have a chance of making mass shootings as close to zero as possible, but really when you look at the odds who will believe that's the best path?

    Odds of Islamic terrorist killing you in a mass shooting: 0.00001515%
    Odds of white supremacist killing you in a mass shooting: 0.00001515%
    Odds of being struck by lightening: 0.006536% chance over an 80-year lifetime

  2. Charlemagne still hasn’t given Joe Biden DOTD for telling him to his face that if he doesn’t vote for him he isn’t black. Black people hate republicans but let the Democratic Party treat us like house niggas smh

  3. Indian Asian people seem to think they are higher on the racism totem pole than black people, and more in touch with white and when they get that sharp reminder that they’re not, they go crying to black people claiming we should all be together.

  4. These Indian immigrants who come to the US in 1960 came with medical degrees, engineering degreees and pooled with family all reasources to buy businesses- they were the model minority in this country and have had priviallge to achieve so much in one generation in the country because of the head start- all this instead of making their own country great- they flee here

  5. From a business standpoint, he is speaking from his experience. That white supremacy didnt hold back these Indians from making millions and taking CEO jobs all over this country. Outside the professional realm as it relates to Indians, it definitely exists.

  6. He got super rich by selling a dementia drug he knew wasn’t going to work and quickly disinvestment after the IPO. So when the drug failed (which it did) his personal wealth wasn’t affect. This guy is nothing but a used car salesman

  7. This guy is worse than trump. And Hindu Indians already don't like us. So when trump can not continue his campaign and DeSantis is pushed to the side,vevek is next up and he's probably got the whole Indian and Oriental community behind him

  8. Vivek must have selective memory about only facing racism from the left. During the GOP debate Ann Coulter, a well known conservative, tweeted and I quote "Nikki and Vivek are involved in some Hindu business, it seems. Not our fight". I guess to him that's just a friendly joke between Republicans.

  9. Vivek is right and we need to stop being cry babies.
    We kill each other everyday in the hood, sell each other drugs, and do a poor job parenting.
    We need to fix ourselves and stop worrying about the boogie man

  10. The fact that this man is pandering to a party who can’t stand his kind. Meanwhile, he’s being called dot head, etc behind the scenes. This republicans aren’t going to vote for his a$$

  11. Sorry to say it but Dr. King begged and died so blacks/browns can sit at the table with whites instead of blacks/browns building their own table and house to put it in. Now we have colored people running for president saying white supremacy doesn’t exist. Welcome to the American (amerikkkan) dream folks.

  12. These are the same clowns who got schooled by Vivek and elder they are a joke and I can honestly say living in California there are far more racist black people than there are white people that I have met personally and that’s just speaking facts no bias here and yea there is mass shootings by white people but every weekend around the us more black people are getting killed by each other but there’s nothing to say about that didnt they last time puch Biden and Harris on all you guys and look where that got you a more fucked up country that what it was the media is lies wake up

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