Unmasking San Francisco PDs Double Standard

This is a pretty blatant double standard to me and the San Francisco Police Chief and the Supervisor should be ashamed of themselves for choosing a violent/vocal minority over supporting their officers taking pride in protecting and serving in the community.

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48 thoughts on “Unmasking San Francisco PDs Double Standard

  1. The way it works, as also seen in the goodyear symbol scandal, is that leftists do not view leftist politics as politics, but patriotic displays are definitely politics, and probably hate speech to boot.

  2. I don’t know how I feel about it. I support black lives matter and gay pride. But then again, as long as people aren’t wearing swastikas and confederate flags on their uniforms, what do I care if they are conservatives or not? The answer, I don’t. Then again, the thin blue line has been outright stolen and manipulated by the Alt-Right movement. That doesn’t mean we should let them take it, but it also doesn’t make us immune to criticism. In conclusion, I’d say there is no real reason to ban it.

  3. WARNING!!!
    If you go to San Francisco, do NOT leave anything of value in your car. Especially if it is visible. Auto burglary has been high for 30 years.
    Car owner for over 40 years.
    Auto burglary victim 3 times.
    All in San Francisco!
    Beautiful city, crazy government.

  4. Ban all symbols other than the USA flag and SFPD logo if you want zero bias.
    "Here is your official uniform." Done.
    I'm fine with rainbow and Blue Line symbols if they want options.
    I grew up in Berkeley, spent a lot of time in San Francisco. The problem is weak government officials. I won't call them leaders because they are pandering to the lowest level.

  5. Until whole police departments have the balls to stand up to management and say you are wrong and we walk out if you continue. Then truth will prevail. They can’t stop the organized rebellion. Until then, you will be bullied as they desire and they never stop and usually escalate.

  6. As a gay dude, I couldn't agree more. It is a double standard. I live in Portland, the most miserably woke city in the US right now. I would never wear a rainbow flag, but have ordered a Thin Blue Line sticker, even though I'm not a cop. But what the Portland police have dealt with these last few months is FAR worse than any adversity I ever experienced as gay man. BTW, the beard is hot.

  7. But Mike, the people who are offended by the thin blue line don't want peace, tranquility and safety. They want chaos, destruction, rioting and exhibit the ultimate in selfishness, disrespect, greed and most of all, disrespect and dishonor.

  8. I believe that there is some people that have potions in high places, and they are trying to DESTROY anything and everything that is good. I believe that those of us that have MORALS AND VALUES, those of us that believe in LOVE OF GOD, LOVE OF FAMILY, LOVE OF COUNTRY, JUSTICE, AND FREEDOM, NEED TO TAKE A STAND.

  9. Today is July 19th 2020, true story, I was driving 101 South on my way to work this morning and seen 2 trucks /1 car with Thin Blue Line Flags on them. I made it a point to get beside one of the trucks and honk. Guy looks over and sees me, a Latino fully sleeved arms, neck and face tattoos, driving a Charger with American Racing chrome Rodders. I roll my passenger side window down and signal him to do the same. He gives me the "Alright, here we go with this shit" look. He rolls his window down. I yell over to him "Where did you get the flag"? He yells back a website that I couldn't hear. I shoot him a smile. He looks disturbed and gives me a blank look. I put my fist in the air and point my thumb up👍. He looks confused as I say "I back the blue and Blue Lives Matter"! He has aha moment. Thumbs-up back to me. We both smile and nod our heads in agreement. Then I hit the gas and smoked everyone around me. Because, you know…fast cars. Really made day!

  10. Our community honors our fallen police officers by having a plaque with their picture and a small info in the lobby at our police station. People who visit can see it. Not to mention a special memorial each year. But I don't think a personalized patch/pins of any kind should be worn on any police uniform; the respect is there whether you have that patch or not.

  11. I wonder if they banned the Blue Line symbol because the "narrative" of the day is that police lives don't really matter and they are bending to the hatred of police that seems to be so prevalent in society. Saddly.

  12. Most of the civilian protestors don't have the police/law enforcement perspective. They see any pro-police symbols, their automatic reaction is that they feel their freedom as a civilian is further lowered, because there's someone brandishing a symbol of police power in their presence.

  13. The thin blue line has been used to justify the fraternal and us vs them mentality of Cop culture. cops are told to never cross the thin blue line which stops good Cops reporting misconduct by bad Cops etc…. So that is why it is divisive where as the rainbow flag may be divisive with bigots but it does not represent corruption and cover ups.

  14. Argue the swastika as a symbol of peace… Which it was for thousands of years until tainted. The about apples but you keep referring to…Those "few" police officers who are responsible for discrimination and violence in policing have hid behind this "thin blue line" of POLICE unity.

    The use of the symbol has been tainted by its use in counter protests…Those protesting against protesters of police violence. If you cannot see why this symbol is a big middle finger to those who are asking for all rights…. Well you sound like defenders of the Confederate flag….. I think you may need to speak to some of these protesters and see their side of the issue.

  15. I love how cops wear the blue stripe yet that stripe is actually defacing the flag. The same people defacing the flag, are the same same "anti kneeling" during the anthem folk. Just more…lol double standards

  16. Trigger warning

    I do not like any alterations, politicizing of police or military Uniforms. The American flag should be never be defaced with a any coloration its either red, white and blue or its grayed out for combat (bright colors are not a good idea if being shot at). As far as badges on police uniforms same thing, whatever that symbol is supposed to be is what should be worn. I want police officers to be professional, intelligent, well trained and catching the bad guys not wearing a blue line that in the line of duty looks more like gang colors then standing together in unity. According to national data police are terrible at doing their jobs and great at robbing people through tickets (just under 41 million a year) and asset forfeiture (somehow totally ok to do to people who are not buying drugs or anything to do with drugs but own some money) which is a nice way of saying theft of innocent people is totally ok as long as your a cop.

  17. I don't personally have a problem with either symbol. That said, if you allow one, you should allow both. They're not contrary to each other, and aren't inherently offensive to any rational person. But if you disallow one, you should disallow all of it. Just stick to the standard uniform, with no extra adornment on them at all.

  18. I think if someone is raciest then people protesting is not gonna change anything and like the rainbow flag I would steer clear of anyone wearing it but I would support the thin blue line and this is coming from someone who spent 4 years in prison because a cop harrased me in small town where I lived but I don't hate all cops because one guy was a peice of shit just because he is a cop that's like me assuming u probably have a rainbow flag because u drive a Prius

  19. The Thin Blue Line IS the Division of Police and Citizens. We, Citizens, either OBEY the gang members or suffer the Consequences. Your meaning might be yours, but I doubt that it was for most cities. Defacing the American Flag is Unconstitutional and slapping All of us Americans IN THE FACE.

  20. @Mike The Cop IDK what it's like over there, but here in Australia, police are not allowed to wear any unofficial patches on their uniform. GDs troups especially can't even wear their specialist training patches. But the main reason the "thin blue line" patch is looked down on by the higher-ups over here is due to it being a "defaced" version of the national flag. I totally agree with you on this, but I can see where they come from.

  21. Symbols have no inherit objective meaning. They are memetic and subject to change over time. That's why it's dangerous to link a part of one's identity to a symbol. Because when one does so, they're enemies don't have to attack them directly. They've only to subvert the meaning of a symbol in order to lower standing in public perception.

  22. I don't think y'all should have s*** I think you should have a f**** car that says police on how about that. So when you do your fallen officers you could do something at your workplace warrior club. They should have any such symbolism is your badge number precinct you work for and more importantly your name. Hell I'll even give you what your rank on there. That's your main problem Mike you somehow I want the public to put you on some pedestal.

  23. A symbol can hold a certain meaning for a very long time, however perceptions can change very rapidly and radically. For thousands of years across hundreds of civilizations, the swastika was a positive symbol of good luck, fertility and general prosperity. All that changed following WWII. Needless to say, today the swastika is the most reviled and hated symbol in the West. (In Eastern cultures it still retains its original meaning.) The thin blue line may have started as a symbol of demarcation between lawless chaos and the defense of an orderly and peaceful society upheld by the police. Today however, things are different due to well published and documented instances of police brutality, lying, abuse of power and murder. For many the thin blue line represents the separation between regular people and the instruments of their oppression, i.e. the police forces. To them the thin blue line symbol represents tyranny. NO, I do not agree with that view point but I do realize that this is the current perception in a large and growing segment of society and that the San Francisco PD chief actions were intended to bring down the level of animosity and distrust between police and the people they serve and protect.

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