UAW strike update: More auto plants to join ‘stand-up’ strike

The United Auto Workers are striking against all of the Big Three automakers at once for the first time in the union’s history. The UAW is employing a novel “stand-up strike” strategy: rather than having over 140,000 auto workers hit the picket line at once, UAW members at three strategically targeted plants were called to strike first last Thursday, and union president Shawn Fain has announced that more plants will be called to strike by the end of this week. What are the key demands auto workers are striking over? What’s happening on the picket lines? How are active and retired members feeling about the union’s new, more militant strategy? And what role do we all have to play in ensuring they win the contract they deserve? On this worker solidarity livestream, TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez will speak with Martha Grevatt, a retired auto worker and UAW Local 869 member, and Auston Gore, an assembly line worker and UAW Local 12 member who is currently on strike at the Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex.

Labor Notes, “When Auto Workers Stand Up, Here’s How to Stand with Them”:

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32 thoughts on “UAW strike update: More auto plants to join ‘stand-up’ strike

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  2. 99% of companies and corporations treat their employees like this or worse just imagine if every worker went on strike at multiple companies corporations etc we would turn this country and the job industry as whole on its head these corporations and companies aren't SH#T without the people that keep them going both workers and consumers

  3. Theres not enough talk about how much profit the company makes or the pay & benifits the management gets, so the people can see the greed of the company😮

  4. And they took the Dental & the Vision away😮 when u retire & as you get older those are the main things u need, Teeth to chew the food & as your sight diminish, eye care.

  5. 😢😢😢😢 Does anyone really believe the Bosses care about the workers who work the lines & there families PLEASE!!!! Yea but the Bosses are getting PAYED, Big Time😮

  6. Driving an old Ford because you couldn't afford a GMC pickup truck $80,000😢 so ur old truck breaks down while your building NEW trucks & cars for the rich & famous. Well thats sounds glorious, yes you need to strike, Amen 😂

  7. The UAW is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, which has been captured by Big Business. Union management is in bed with the corporations at the expense of rank-and-file union members and they are also in bed with the Democratic Party establishment. The AFL-CIO needs to be broken up.

  8. Thank God I've never had to deal with unions as an executive.

    I'd offshore the work and shut the plant down as soon as these communists began their strike.

    Starve to death, or go find bread in the unemployment line…

  9. Lets say the union gets what they want..What will the cost of auto mobiles become to the consumer? I see lay offs coming either way.

  10. I hope the workers get everything the union is negotiating for. The only thing i dont agree with is that wealth is build by the workers.

  11. The UAW concessions were the fault of previous UAW leaders starting with UAW president Owen "Leave It To Beaver" 🦫
    Bieber. UAW president Steve "Jock Itch" Yokich, and the king of union concessions – UAW president Ron " Middle Finger" Gettlefinger. Also let's take a closer look at some UAW union Local elected officials who think that giving us union spring, and fall jackets along with UAW winter coats is gonna make us feel lucky to get what the Local leaders settled for. As for me, the FBI didn't go far enough to investigate the UAW leaders still walking around bad mouthing our ability to vote for a new UAW international president. And being able to vote for a "cleaner" more honest union leader named Shawn Fain. You should see the hate mail that I received from my UAW Local leaders AND from the "leaders" from Region 1A, who wanted me NOT to vote for Shawn Fain because he was bad for the UAW. A UAW Local president immediately "retired" as soon as Shawn Fain was elected. Left his office as president because he didn't want to work with Shawn Fain. That's the sign of a true union brother. His choice of UAW president didn't get elected, so he walked out on the remainder of his office term in protest of Shawn winning the election. That's a sign of true unionism brotherhood at its finest. This union Local Clown 🤡 throws a poopy filled and pee soaked diaper hissy fit because his union candidate lost the first "honest" rank & file election along with the UAW retirees being able to vote for the first time in UAW history. The FBI needs to reopen the case of UAW corruption. There's still people that need to be jailed walking around our union halls.

  12. Look folks, if Executive CEO Bill Ford Jr. can get the Ford Board of Directors to shell out millions of dollars 💸 buy a crappy and dilapidated train station 🚉 in Detroit, PLUS paid out more millions of dollars because of discovery of water flooded basements under the train station 🚉. PLUS Ford is spending more millions of dollars 💸 to build an all new battery plant in Marshall Michigan.
    AND Executive CEO Bill Ford gives himself more millions of dollars 💸 in pay increases plus stock options and bonuses. Betcha Bill Ford's secretary got increases in her pay and stock options too.
    If Ford CEO Jim Farley still had his grandpa alive and working at the Rouge Plant, or as a UAW retiree, Jim Farley would have rubber stamped everything the UAW wanted. Jim Farley wouldn't want his grandpa living in a van down by the river like his cousin Chris Farley always said on Saturday Night Live. And how CEO Jim Farley wants all of us to live today.

  13. Whenever I had a job that was brutal or underpaid, a job I was sick of, I would call in sick on Fridays or Mondays to get my applications out to better employers.

  14. I'm a retired union carpenter in Oregon. My last jobs were in 2013. My journeyman pay was about $32/hr, plus one month full family health insurance w/ 10 to 20 % copay for each 120 hours of work. Also a pension that earned me $1,112/m for life for only 10 years of vested service. A full time carpenter with 30 years gets about $4,000/m pension plus social security. Currently journeyman carpenter base pay is about $44/hr. The full pay package is about $64/hr.

    I was surprised at the low pay for skilled UAW employees and the slow gains in pay. They deserve a decent pay, a gainful employment, not a survival employment.
    Workers that are underpaid should constantly seek better employment with a wage that provides prosperity and the ability to achieve financial security. I'm with you brothers and sisters of the U A W.

  15. I’m a UAW representative. We gave up our raises in 2006 because GM was in trouble. Management gave up nothing! The CEO at the time got a $20 million package to retire. We lost our cost of living and 3% annual raises. We went 10 years without a raise. Then we only got a total of 3% over 4 years. We have lost 30% of our wages over 17 years. During that same 17 years CEO and high level management salaries have gone up over 1000%. Not only that, they have brought temporary employees in at $16 an hour. When they become permanent, which can take up to 3 years or more, it takes them 8 years to get to top tier wages, which are still lower than those hired before 2007. New hires get reduced benefits and no pension. Where I work, we have been in a mandatory 6 day work week for 8 years straight. GM closed a plant that made similar vehicles to us laying off thousands of people. They brought that product to our plant and force us to do mandatory over time. We are working twice as hard, working more hours and losing pay.

  16. This is a scam scam scam to rasie the cost of cars and repairs so the car companies make more money only not us the consumer or worker. Your raise will be less spending power than now as will drive the cost of living up further over your raise spending power. As they will raise costs. Lower the cost of living by voting Red not BLUE they will rob us the technician of labor time bad this strike they will lower our flat rate time we strike you get fired. So fire them all and sublet the jobs over seas. Or shut up vote for lower cost of living. We cant get parts, now weeks months and you want to work less hurting my paycheck as a technician un the dealership. I hope you lose and get replaced or jobs sent overseas for what what you did to our paychecks in the dealerships.

  17. Close the borders of our country. (Remember dems supported that notion not that long ago? ) Supply and demand stands true for labor as well as anything else. Our labor market is getting flooded in numbers that we've never seen. That kills middle/working class wages.

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