Can identity politics be used for liberation?

During his life, Bissau-Guinean revolutionary Amilcar Cabral co-founded the PAIGC and dedicated his life to the liberation of his native Guinea and Cape Verde from Portuguese colonialism and capitalism-imperialism. One of his most celebrated works, Return to the Source, has recently been republished by Monthly Review Press. To mark this occasion, Bill Fletcher Jr., former president of the TransAfrica Forum and a member of The Real News Board of Directors, hosts a panel on the life and teachings of Cabral and his relevance to political movements today.

Polly Gaster began to work for the Mozambique Liberation Front, FRELIMO, in Dar-es-Salaam in 1967. She organized and ran the Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola, and Guinea from her home in the UK. Since Mozambique’s independence in 1975, she has lived and worked there in a variety of sectors

Craig Howard has more than 25 years of nonprofit experience, most of them in workforce and community economic development, designing and implementing replicable programs that create jobs and opportunities for disadvantaged people in the U.S. and abroad. Until his retirement, he served as a program director for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Rozell “Prexy” Nesbitt was born and raised on Chicago’s West Side. A lifetime activist and intellectual, Nesbitt has lectured both in the United States and abroad, and has written extensively, publishing a book and articles in more than twenty international journals. Over the course of his career, Nesbitt made more than seventy trips to Africa, including trips taken in secret to apartheid torn South Africa; his work has garnered him numerous awards throughout his career.

Stephanie Urdang was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States at the end of the 1960s. She became active in the anti-apartheid and solidarity movements in the late 1960’s onwards. She is a journalist, author of several books, and the co-founder of the NGO Rwanda Gift for Life.

Post-Production: Cameron Granadino

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26 thoughts on “Can identity politics be used for liberation?

  1. With 4.5 Trillion Dollars
    Independent Sovereign Nation Khalastan of 45 Millions Strong Sikhs and 50 Millions Non Sikhs
    Will Soon Match that' of Japan

    Is The Only Unbeatable, Dominant Force in South Asia
    Which Will be a Game CHANGER in South Asia
    In Favour of the Western World Democracies
    NATO USA Canada, Europe, Australia

  2. Thank you. I am ashamed of my ignorance of Cabral until now, and can't wait to read this book. This was brilliant and I learnt so much,… thank you….comrades.

  3. To all 5 of you; your work mattered and still does to those who peer to the depths of human struggle. Blessed may you All Be. Blessed be Amilcar Cabral’s Soul. There is a remnant of youth who hold dear to your examples. Blessed May you All remain.

  4. Bill Fletcher is a Pro War US Imperialist who supports the US Proxy War in Ukraine. Fletcher is a Redwasher.

  5. Just installed Rumble to ensure I can still receive those who question the mainstream narrative like The Real News Network, The Duran, Chris Hedges, John Campbell, Scott Ritter, Jimmy Dore, Grey Zone, George Galloway, Richard Wolff and yes Russell Brand because YouTube are going to continue their witch hunt….

  6. The seat belt came from the Left. The seat belt is slavery. Clearly, slavery is a state of mind. I was born a slave. I was enslaved by my own ignorance and my own incompetence. The idea that one mind can enslave another makes no sense. Liberation is freeing oneself from self-imposed slavery. Let us hope the generation of blaming others for one owns limitations is dying out.

  7. I find it all so Ironic and more than a Bit Hypocritical that White / Europeanist people have constructed a whole World, its Representations, Systems and Institutions based and invested in Identity Politics.. The notions of Who is White, who is Not, whose culture and traditions are "superior" continues to pervade the all perspectives and understandings. Yet this same groups wants Black / Africanist people in particular to Deny and Erase Our Identity and systematically Dismantling our very thoughts of about.

  8. No, because "identity politics" are a tool of establishment politics. Barbie Capitalism is pink-washed nonsense. Oprah owns half of Maui, and autoworkers are striking to get the money a black president forced them to leave on the table to "save the industry."

    You say gay, trans, black, female, Jewish Republican, I hear "conservative." You say gay, trans, black, female, Jewish Democrat, all I hear is "lib." Same sh¡t, different spoon.

  9. Look, I'm not american nor black, but to me it's obvious there's a campaign and a tremendous effort not only to portray Black people in a terrible light but also in stopping their progress, not only in the USA where they have literally degraded people of color with unbelievable human rights violations like spreading black neighborhoods with crack cocaine or even "experiments" short of horror movies, this goes on to the African countriesfor entire generations. ID politics is divide and conquer by the usual people using minorities as cannon fodder.

  10. no -l its devide and conquer only… and look at adorno frankfurt school.. operation without the race term… he was sponsert by private big money… of course – they never touch their doners… and all things the propaganda and the code and thinking gets subverting inj… remains in the regions of the überbau… if the revolution does not take place in the region where surplus can get generated….. via workforce… the whole narrative disappears if the doners cut the money…

  11. No because while it’s important to rectify mistreatment based on identity, people are more than just simply one part of their identity. Identity politics has actually been a mind game that has splintered off people who have a lot more shared interests, into tribes who fight everyone except the establishment

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