1. Thank you so much Johnny Five o! A sworn judge, a man who swore to uphold the constitution just told MY community that I was a dangerous criminal for exercising the exact rights that he swore to uphold! Honestly guys, I know I can expect government retaliation for standing against evil and tyranny, and I shouldn't be shocked at this type of disgusting behavior, but I am genuinely shocked that a JUDGE would do this.

  2. Bill made his own Youtube channel, already posted a few videos of weddings, some in the courthouse. Maybe you'd like to let him know what you think of the videos.

  3. All this talk of God really baffles me. Thanking God and God blessing our community and blah, blah, blah. I thought there was supposed to be a fine separation between Church and state. Apparently not in this Texas town. When will these people ever learn? Keep educating these public servants that work for us. Johnny Five O you are a fascinating man.

  4. It's sad that tyrants use religious or vaguely Christian sounding language to back up their authority, but understand that many Christian libertarians like myself understand the Bible in a way that undergirds my individualism and rights.

    I have argued for years against statists, Christian and atheist alike. The sad truth is that most people are simply not awake to freedom.

  5. I saw the video from canada, what a asshole. I like if your subscriber from all the country show the judge Metzger lie went all around the world . please comment and let the judge know it is not only the county that saw him make a lying like a asshole.

  6. I saw the video and the statement the this judge just made on Facebook just show is incompetence and he is enable to distinct the truth from the lie he just made, he is unfit to be a judge. Because of is lie ,they have to fire him. He can not have a disciplinary action and remain a judge. It is not only a lie it is disgusting manipulation of the public and a stand on dishonor. I hope the pressure will be strong a nought so he can not serve ever in the law at all.

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