Trucker Receives $1,067 Ticket for Failure to Yield

Notwithstanding the reality that this guy was likely receiving the ticket no matter what, this stop is a good lesson to file under “things not to do during a traffic stop.”

As the trooper is speaking to the driver, the driver volunteers [bad idea #1] that he typically hangs out in the left lane for the section of highway they had just been on. The trooper’s immediate response – without hesitation – is to educate the trucker about the law: it’s a violation to drive in the leftmost lane, which is reserved for passing.

Rather than take the opportunity to show the trooper that his education attempt was successful, assuring the trooper that it would never happen again (regardless of his actual intentions), the driver instead tries to justify his driving in the left lane. When the trooper reminds him that it’s still illegal, the driver’s voice conveys his frustration over this cop Just. Not. Getting. It.

Come on, dude. Drive in the left lane if you really need to, but don’t try to justify violating a law to a cop who just pulled you over for violating that very law. And definitely don’t tell that cop that you don’t plan on changing your driving habits.

Picking your battles wisely is an important life skill. $1,067 is a steep price to learn that lesson. If it was even learned.


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Author: rafael.nieves


35 thoughts on “Trucker Receives $1,067 Ticket for Failure to Yield

  1. Lights are NEVER bright enough. As a first responder, the rules are only 2 dash lights but I use more than that because I want to save lives and get there faster. Still nobody moves

  2. Hey, RWP, please add subtitles to your videos, at least the relatively short ones with bad sound quality. It does NOT take much effort at all once you get the software going, AND it would attract way more views and subs, since most people click away when they realize that the audio is muffled, which is like 95+% of your videos.
    A small investment in CC => incomparably better content quality => fast channel growth => great returns on the investment.
    As another option, I'd be willing to CC your videos at an affordable rate. I'm perfectly fluent in English, need to pay bills, and have nothing to do because of this pandemic.
    I know this is kind of an odd suggestion, but in the off-chance that you're willing to give it a shot, rest assured that you won't regret it!
    Just reply to this comment if anything, or contact me through Google, if you have that option. 🙂

  3. What state is this??? All those vehicles should have been on the side of the road completely stopped that whole time! Here in WA, whenever people see emergency lights, they floor the brakes like they got an adopted baby in the car!
    Edit: WHAT THE FUCK! 5:25 – turns out this IS in WA state!! What the ffffff! idk what to say.

  4. So frustrating when truckers ride side by side on a 2 full lanes for miles.. and the left lane is almost always riding 3ft off bumpers tailgating like their driving in aNascar race… in an 18wheeler !!! So wreckless, dangerous, and should have their license pulled.

  5. People drive like they're sitting in their easy chair in their living room. It's way too easy to get a license. In his defense, we do have lots of left lane exits in the Seattle area and I bet it's a pain to get over to his exit anywhere near 'close' to it when there's traffic.

  6. It shouldn’t have been just a ticket. The truck should have been given a full inspection by commercial vehicle enforcement and towed at any given excuse, and the trucker should have his CDL yanked.

  7. About time. Washington drivers though will come here to portland and sit in the left lane and under the speed limit. Truckers are notorious for doing this as well on 84

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