33 thoughts on “Traffic Stop, mechanic stopped in customer car for burned out tail light

  1. James, I love your videos! Thank you for informing the public about their Rights and the laws. I tried talking to my grandparents about all of this stuff and they said to just comply with the cops, they said if you don't, you get beat up. I fear that my family is full of sheep.

  2. How fast do you think men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, ect would be cuffed and put on a terror watch list? IN TODAYS SOCIETY (SNICKRS) blah blah blah….. We know the answer and I believe you Mr. Freeman are making them proud.

  3. Get a life bro lmfao….u follow cops around and wait got them to pull someone over and think ur supposed to get paid for it lmfao smdh….the things people do for a buck lmao
    Edit: With ur kid in the car lmfao smh

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